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RfDynHud V8 2013

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by prunn, May 31, 2013.

  1. Hi,
    I'm updating the v8 superar widget set for rfdynhud to 2013 standards. The weak part that needs development at the moment is the part of the 2d graphics which I neither have time or patience to go through.
    Anyone interested can contact me through pm or email


    thank you
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  2. Looking good. ;)
  3. Released v0.8
    Like I said I don't have much time to develop the 2d graphics so they aren't at their best
    infos: to get the car brand image ingame the manufacturer name of the car's veh must match a .png file located in the Manufacturer folder (non case sensitive)
    .veh: Manufacturer="Nissan"

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  4. top job prunn, but out of curiosity how do i get the widgets are clear as your screenshots? mine looks like this atm: http://puu.sh/3g3US.jpg

    could it be because of my resolution?
  5. for the fonts and font-colors to match you should use file import
    open overlay_template_V8SC_2013.ini in the config folder than import from there
    or open directly overlay_template_V8SC_2013.ini delete the stuff you don't need and save as using the wizard

    if you are talking about the low def graphics its because they are as advertised

  6. thanks mate, works a treat. and yes it was just the fonts that i was asking about :)
  7. I cant get the huds to work?? I've installed them correctly but nothing
  8. what are the exact locations to install this because I want it as it looks good but don't know where exactly to install it, I want to know where to go eg. programs files(x86)/rfactor/..../...../.....
    not sure if that's even were I install it