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Misc rfactortools 0.3.1

Automatic rFactor -> GSC2013 mod conversion tool

  1. grumbel submitted a new resource:

    rfactortools - Automatic rFactor -> GSC2013 mod conversion tool

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    rfactortools 0.3.0

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  3. Love this Converter. Great Work. Wondering if you could come up with a Converter to convert rfactor mods to NR 2003 Season? I have found 3 mods that were converted from NR 2003 to rfactor. So, it would be just reversing the process? Just have to use NR 2003 Cup, CTS or GNS physics. It would be a blast to run some of the great mods from rfactor in NR 2003. Anyway, hope it's possible & keep up the Great work. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I started a topic in another thread, but after thinking about it, this is the place to ask this question. I hope that is not some sort of infraction, if so I apologize. First Thank you grumbel for this awesome tool - I have been doing more converting than driving lately. In rFactor I had multiple installs with no Locations folder. All installs pointed to a central Locations folder in another install. I.e. F1 1960s mods, F1 1970s mods, F1 1980s mods, F1 1990s mods all had modified config files that pointed to TracksDir=E:\PROGRAM FILES\RACING\OPEN WHEEL FACTOR\GAMEDATA\LOCATIONS\. I would like to be able to replace my different rF installs with GSC installs and point them all to a central Locations folder. I have noticed that the separate installs only recognize "converted" tracks. Can that be remedied by putting an entry in the "Track Catagory" box? Or, what can I do to make the converted mods recognize the original tracks?

    Once again - Thank You So Much for this AweSome!!!! tool grumbel.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. dead set mate this is amazing it converted the entire rally mod without any problems your a god!
  6. Suggestion, my man :p Save settings for export in case of crash/error/etc. so you don't have to go through folders and tickers every time
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  7. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore
    Premium Member

    Thank you ,this is great to have ,Ive managed to convert some F1 MODS from rf1 to GSC ,nice stuff , but as Parker suggestion to save settings or folders would be even better.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2014
  8. The official cars and tracks of GSC are in part hard coded into the game. I assume that some of that is responsible for your trouble.

    You can try to start GameStockCar with "GSC.exe trace=3", that won't fix your problem, but it will produce a log file in GSC2013/UserData/LOG/trace.txt that might tell you why the tracks don't show up.

    You could also try to use NTFS junction points instead of twiddling with the PATH, that should allow you to share a Locations/ directory easily without the game noticing:

  9. @grumbel this tool is amazing! Thank you!

    Do you think it's possible to do something similar for rFactor to rFactor 2? Just asking.
  10. There is an Open Source .MAS file extract for rFactor2:


    And it's already possible to convert tracks manually with 3DSimED. So I guess it might be doable in theory. But I have no plans on doing it myself at the moment.
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  11. Thank you for your response/advise. I will see what I can figure out. I have another question though - sorry. I have a single GSC2013 install for 1990s F1 mods. I have noticed that in some of the mods certain drivers do not show up. Is it safe to assume that the drivers are not showing up because they have the same number in the same team or in different teams as another year. Ie Michael Schumacher - in 1993 & 4 he had the number 5. So he doesn't show up in the '94 mod. Patrese was #6 in '92 so he doesn't show up in the '93 mod. Is there a way around this other than possibly manually editing their names. So Michael in '93 is Michael Schumacher_05 and in '94 he becomes 94Michael Schumacher_05. Or, maybe, separating them by use of middle initial or name.

    Am I making myself clear or am I spinning out?

    Thank you for an Awesome tool. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  12. That normally happens when two mods have the same Team names, i.e. a team "Ferrari" in 94 and in 95, the drivers for one Team will then show up in the other years team. rfactortools however should already fix that automatically via the "Unique Team Names" option, which is enabled by default and appends the mod name to the Team name.

    Not sure if there are further conflicts when drivers have the same name, haven't tried that.
  13. I am running a 1992 F1 mod, and have edited it so that the 91 season appears as well but separately in the main GSC menu. This might help you.

    Go to the veh file for the driver and look at the classes line, something like this:

    Classes="reiza5, 1992f1"

    Now, copy the whole veh file and rename it. So if your original is called MSchumacher92.veh, call the copy MSchumacher91

    In the MSchumacher91.veh file that you have just created, change the classes line to read:

    Classes="reiza6, F1_1991" or similar.

    Now when you go in game, you will have created a new 91 season under the reiza6 vehicles (with Schumacher as the only driver until you do the same for the others).

    Hope that helps :)
  14. Keith - Thank You for the advice. I actually got it all sorted. I renamed the MSchumacher_05 folder to MSchumacher93_05, renamed the .veh and number.tga files to the same (not sure whether or not I needed to rename number.tga). I did this with all "overlaps" from 1990 - 1994 and everything is fine. It was somewhat time consuming, but, well worth it. The only problem with this tool is that it works so well and it is "making" me convert all my rF mods to GSC mods. I am so happy I spent the money for GSC. It really is what rF and even Sim Raceway should have been. Total big-ups to Team Reiza. We have 2 big name titles under development for several years now and neither holds a candle to what these guys have done with a 6 year old game. I would love to see dynamic track and weather conditions implemented. Heaven!

    Thank You again Keith and grumbel.

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  15. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Member Premium Member

    Thanks for this wonder tool. I managed to get Oulton Park into GSCE from rFactor. Of course thanks should also go to philrob & cammel for the original rFactor one. Ingleston next, fingers crossed.:D
  16. jimortality

    Premium Member

    Hi, is that Oulton Park into GSC extreme? cheers
  17. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Member Premium Member

    Yes Jim. The BTCC trackpak one cuts off at Island, although you can drive through the bollards and go around Shell, but you get a cut track warning and it invalidates the lap. That's why I wanted to try the rFactor one.
    The tool converted it no problem. Ingleston worked for me too. I've just had a 10 lap Bac Mono race there. Absolutely brilliant.
  18. jimortality

    Premium Member

    Thanks, where do I find it as I've been through the downloads section and couldn't see it :-(