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RFactor2 then...

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by MarcG, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. MarcG


    its been out over a week, have any ORSM members grabbed the Beta? if so (and yes know its VERY early days!) does the future look good for a V8Factor version?

    Bathurst.....Changing Weather Conditions.....RealRoad technology.....need I REALLY say more!?!?! :p
  2. I'm pretty sure we all have the Beta, but from my own experience thus far I've found the Rf2 beta too buggy to reliably use. Hopefully the issues I'm experincing (seem to be wifespread on rf2 beta forum) are addressed in the next instalment.
  3. MarcG


    yeah there are problems (as to be expected) but as the Beta moves on and updates come out I'm sure it will get better. ISI seem determined to support RF2 with updates for much longer than they did with rF1 so that in itself is a good thing IMO.
  4. I'm pretty sure rFactor 2 will get good support, if you consider when released rF1 started near to version 1000 and ended up at 1255. The public only saw three or four builds. If you consider those numbers represent testing numbers between builds then I would think that rF2 has a long way to go. The testers behind the scenes will have a gazillion files to pour over - as we have all seen previously the screenshots of the rain and the likes so it is there. The max tools have it in them. I think a bit of patience and we'll see some good work from ISI again - consider F12010 the Game, was only around for 12 months, never got fixed and the expectation was everyone had to buy F12011 - rFactor has been entertaining everyone for 5-6 years, long time in the gaming world. Apart from no weather it was pretty much bug free. Now most of us have a better computer so the stakes are a lot higher.
  5. I can say I know 3 of the Team (me included) have the Beta, but the key is learning the new structures and design aspects now before any commitment can be made to moving forward.

    We all have had trouble getting into Modding recently as real life is always the priority, so it will be a wait and see game as to how long it takes to make something of this.

    Also, take into consideration with any Beta program, it is designed to be changed and updated from feedback, so any modding at this stage is not really advisable. What happens is you get caught having to update things 5-6 times before a releasable product can be made. This means lots of extra handling of work items.

    We have that issue internally with building mods, let alone having a Beta platform to work off.
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  6. I think 2013 earliest as a reasonable consideration for a port in rF2. Let them finish the bugs and sort anything ORSM related. There's still other business around as mentioned. Besides does ORSM even has a programmer to solve the upcoming issues ?

    There's also amazing stuff to be published before a decent migration would come to my mind so no need to rush into sacrification.
    Liveries 04-09 and 2011 late season(Having one per Quarter would be cool, not sure on how much % there is on any season.04(lacks up to standard models) 05(partially done),06(done),07/08(looked done), 09(?), 11( rest of the season about to be done right now) . New Cockpits + Drivers.

    rF2 List
    Physics - Cars
    Weather specific stuff
    Lighting adjustments for cars and tracks in new HDR and Weather Conditions.
    Animations(pretty sure this will be the hardest point for anyone)
  7. Aw man ! Knowing what ORSM brings to the table with their V8 mod into rFactor 1, I'm dying to see what they'll bring in rFactor 2 !!!
    It's gonna be AMAZING at least !
  8. Wow Mighty, That's a short rF2 list. If only you were right. Though you did cover most in there simplest form I suppose.

    Have been trying to get my head around this rFModID, vMod and rFcomp thing with others. We can see so many thing wrong with it in it's current form. I would think you'll see much in the way of mods for quite awhile for rF2. Many teams are standing back for awhile to see were it develops. There's so much that hasn't been implemented full or at all so things should move forward quite quickly at first. From there is anyone's guess.
  9. You guys make it sound hard....;)
  10. yep was a rather short list but that alone is stuff that isn't even discovered properly so stepping back is really the key until somebody give proper instruction on how to fully mod it. Right now it's anyone's harm to discover the file structure system. That is something alright but really just for the programmers of tools imo. There quite a bunch of support tools needed at first before you can think about a migration from 1 to 2 so I think working on rF1 or platform unspecific in the meantime would be the best choice,
    I just mentioned the big facts I heard that were new. The Tools for that to be developed are even harder and will take some time which will of course then speed the modding process in general quite more than try and error results on a changing build anyway.
    Some figured it out how to bring in stuff already but probably none of the content is taken completely done yet at all. Neither ISI Content is fully done but the main structure isn't changing I guess.
  11. I was mucking around with the guys. Seriously it's not as difficult as everyone is describing here. Sure there are bits that are unavailable but they can be added at a later date. Its very similar to rFactor1 apart from some addons. Getting the car from MAX to rF2 is a matter of opening the max file, changing a few materials and exporting it. The file structure is exactly the same. The tools are developed and the tutorials are far more advanced than rF1 as they were done inhouse and are quite self explanatory. It all depends on how much time they have. The tyre tool may be the hardest to get your head around and the physics will be affected. The deformable tyre is 5 minutes work to the existing tyre structure and is only a material change. The biped max animation for the driver arms, well yes that is a bit of an issue but there is a tutrorial on that and its not that hard.to do if you know max. Tracks are a little harder but knowing how Krunch has done his track structure it will work out quite well, the real road structure is very easy to implement. Anyone that had done the tracks through BTB will have a real issue of course and it will be hard going, but max created tracks easy. We did a conv ersion of a track of ours and a Codemaster/MMM track a few weeks back, the Codies track didn't work correctly because of the way it was created therefore Realroad didn't work. All due to the materials channels. Anyway its all so easy guys. Just got to want to do it, feel like doing it or actually doing it. Cheers guys Jeremy
  12. I still can't run the BETA without constant CTD's so I can't begin modding it yet. :(
  13. Probably off topic to answer here but what are your issues Gavin. Might be able to help. Like when does it CTD. What is your system. What mods do you have installed out of all of them.
  14. Lower some graphics settings would be the first solution. :)
  15. Yeah I am assuming he has but it shouldn't CTD on that, hence why we get him to say what his issues are as the CTD could be a hardware issue depending on when it happens, it could be a software issue depending on his operating system or his hardware specs. I
  16. Hey guys, I'm thinking it didn't like me having multiple installs (one for mod testing, one stock). Now I've killed one install the other seems to be running fine. FYI, it would get to the track selection screen and then ctd, particually with the vintage F1 and Monaco.
  17. Interesting. I'll try that - I do have a couple of versions installed but I only use the one although I know a guy that has two. It's an interesting concept now with the mod dev section inside - its sort of like two versions in one. Well glad you got it going.
  18. Whether or not its 'hard' to mod in rF2 probably depends on how refined or finished you want to make your mod at this stage. As Flash has said converting content over to rF2 and get it running in-game isn't terribly difficult. But updating textures, materials/shaders, models, physics, etc. to suit the potential of the new game is going to be very time consuming if you want it to work correctly. It's no big issue though - that's what modding is all about! :)
  19. Exactly as Krunch said. When you said "IS" going to be time consuming, I think it is better as "Could" be time consuming because the cars materials are very similar - mind you it depends I guess also to how much time one spends doing it as well. All those variables. It's no big issue though - that's what modding is all about! :)
  20. There are a few factors that will delay the release of any Rf2 content from us:

    It's summer............the beach is calling me.

    It's summer.............the cricket is on the telly.

    It's summer.............there's beer in the fridge and snags on the BBQ.