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rFactor2 Drift Community Group Thing

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Florea Calin, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. - Started a group for drifting in rf2, found some cars on them internets and made drift upgrades for them, got 4 cars for now, 3 of them have multiple engine choices, and one stock m5 e34 wich is fantastic.
    - All cars have the same set of tires, all have different grades like stock, tuner and competition, based on steering lock and engines.(except for the m5 for now wich i will keep stock). In talks with some people who make cars, so more will be coming.
    - Coming from assetto with the drifting thing, (over 1300 hours) and having lots of experience with making cars, proper cars, settings and proper suspension and stuff, these cars are pretty much great. Not perfect yet, but still learning rf2 stuff for now and i got people helping.
    - I made a neat pack of cars, and also got tracks, everything hosted on my personal cloud drive.
    - Plenty of track to drift and tandem on, list is getting bigger, made a good selection on my drive also.
    - Mod is called Drifting Pro and its download-able from the server of course.
    - There is also a steam and facebook group for everything.
    - Drifting Pro is my server name, its not dedicated, i just put it up when i wanna drift, and contact people to come, i don't want any trolls in there :)
    - Hopefully people will start joining and playing so we can make the community bigger, so modders would actually wanna do drift cars and tracks to play with.
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  2. So no external links? Or why?
  3. Ok sorry i got it, not gon a work like that tho, this is way to complicated for this system, so im gonna delete the post if you think it's not ok. It's just to many updates and stuff to upload here. Sorry again.
  4. It has something to do with the "Intellectual Property's and Copyright's".

    People will find your mod easier. ;)

    You can add the read me, facebook, twitter, steam page in the discription. :)

    People will get an alert if you update your download.
  5. Ill try, see how it goes, thanks