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rFactor2 Build 218 to come soon. A little personal advise to all.

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Marco Bijl, May 15, 2013.

  1. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Build 218 is about to be released, and with the current state of the mods, I want to share my thoughts on this build, and in specific how I would advise you all to install it....

    The reason I have made this post, is because I have noticed that, with the current release of 1.4x components by ISI, the whole mod thing is becoming a big issue again, whilst we just managed to get it under control in some way. People get problems again, as they have different versions of different content installed. Now I want to focus on ISI mods first.

    Starting with build 218, RaceDepartment will only be using the 1.4x components in its weekly mods. As we are getting close to all content being at 1.4x, and in seperate components everything we at RaceDepartment are using is available at this moment, we have an opportunity here to have a fresh start. I figured, I'd give you all a heads up for that.

    So, when the new build is released, I advise to do the following (keep the order, so you do NOT have to re-activate the game).

    - Download the LIGHT installer for the latest build.
    - Install it in a different folder then your current rfactor2.
    - To avoid issues, I advise to install it OUT of the default ProgramFiles folder, but for instance in c:\games\rfactor2.​
    - Go to the Windows Explorer, and look up your OLD packages folder.
    - Copy the ISI 1.4x rfmod files to the newly created package folder (so NOT all the series, but JUST the components).
    - Copy all the NON ISI mods you want to keep into the new packages folder.
    - Copy the complete content of your old UserData folder to the newly installed one. This includes your setups and custom skins. I am NOT sure about HDR profiles. If you have any, make sure you copy them from your old install to the new one.
    - Start the launcher. It should start loged in, if you have selected the Remember my tick box, and should be activated.
    - Download the updated 1.4x components you have not yet downloaded, and place them in the new packages folder.
    - Start the Mod Manager
    Now you have to pay attention! As your mod manager remembers your previous install, the 2 folder settings in the right bottom will most likely point to the OLD install folder, and the OLD packages folder. Change them BOTH!
    - Install all the mods

    Test everything to see if you havent forgotten anything. If everyhing is ok, you can now remove the old rFactor2 install. Make sure you delete any leftovers in your old installation folders.

    This should get you a fresh, and clean install of rfactor, without the old versions of the ISI content.
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  2. Would a complete new re-install work as well ? I really just need to save my clio set up ?
  3. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Thats the same principle. If you have problems already, then this is certainly an option.

    Your userdata folder, which contains all profile settings, setups and skins, is the most important one to save.
    If you do the thing above with a new folder to install in, you do not have to reactivate, and are able to create a clean install mod wise, and keep your current settings and tweaks to your personal profile.
  4. Thanks for the heads up Marco. In fact, I saw this coming and am developing an rFactor 2 Backup Manager.

    The user can choose which folder/files (the important folders/files will be chosen by default) he wants and backs them up to a safe location.

    Once the new installation is done, he can then restore back the files he had just backed up. Doing lots of fresh installs myself, I thought that this wound be a handy tool for users and hopefully it will make their lives easier.

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  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Thats awesome Stefan :thumbsup:
  6. Bring on Build 218!
  7. Pete Bone

    Pete Bone

    Rubbish. What a poor state of affairs.

    The info is great, the reason for it insane.
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  8. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    i am losing the will to live with this. i learned to do all the package stuff.
    i love the physics but this is farcical . does anyone know if the mods are going to get separated at some stage and the build updates made easier?
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  9. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    *shakes head* This is all getting a little silly now!

    Thanks for the tips Marco, much appreciated.
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  10. Well if I understand you're question right, they are releasing everything to single component (only 4 or so left). That's the reason Marco suggested to de a fresh install, because from the moment all components are released, the troubles of the last weeks should not be there anymore because everything is seperated and should be easy to update the components, just like before, and for that reason Marco calls it a fresh start. The re-install is to be sure you won't have any of the old mods left in your files.

    Build updates has always been easy for me and worked like they should have, never had to do a re-install, only once I had to do a fresh install after ISI stated the update was not possible. Can you say what you would want to make it more easy? The advice Marco gives is not nescesarry for a build update, bet advicable to do because of the seperation from the mods to lose components.

    If I misunderstood your question let me know:)
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  11. Calum McLure

    Calum McLure
    Did ye, aye?

    Really want to do the race at Sebring but I'm reluctant to install rF2 just now with the new build coming soon :( I'll just have install and grin and bare it :rolleyes:
  12. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    it may be me who has misunderstood but then...who can blame me ?

    in recent weeks we have had to download loads of mods to do one race. is this now changing? is that what you mean? because that is the source of my confusion - based on recent weeks.
  13. Guys, relax, the other day I uninstalled and installed rF2 in 15 minutes total. It's not that of a big deal...really :)
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  14. No I understand it completly:)

    A lot of downloads were the new components, but not all as some were part of the week mod. If the weekmods of RD are going to change I don't know, just joined the staff. We will evaluate it offcourse over time, to see how to make things better. We will take that point in consideration when we will discuss it.
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  15. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    i'm not panicking . i just mean, it was getting complicated to make races due to having to do all the mods...i thought that was ISI but apparently its RD. lol i don't know who i am anymore :cry::roflmao:
  16. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    may i ask a newbish question? if i chose to auto update to the 218 build, what leftovers would I have which i may not want? i.e. could i not just delete the crap manually?:-S
  17. In theory it should work just fine with your modmanager and manually deleting what are leftovers. But hard to tell what you have installed, how some files get misplaced by the software itself or personal fiddeling with files. Will probably take you more time to check if you got everything deleted, than to do a re-install. Uninstalling the previous series packaged mods and installing them is what I think people get confused over, even I had to check everything twice when I did so, but still have the 1.0 version of the Clio's for some reason installed, so missed something there. That is a good example of why Marco advices to do a fresh start.
    It's adviced to do a fresh install for this time to make it more easy for you in the future, I will do so too to be sure, and after this fresh install I will also be deleting updating stuff with modmanager again, without doing fresh build installs all the times but just auto-update. It always worked like a charm for me in the past.
  18. MarcG


    thats server admins not understanding Vmods correctly, putting too many tracks into one Vmod when they just need to have one or two and the designated mod therefore the download should be just the Vmod if you have the few tracks required (quick and easy to get online with).
    The whole system has its advantages and disadvantages, still not 100% convinced myself though!
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  19. Here at RD we make weekly vmods with only the content needed for that week, so you never have to install any more tracks and/or cars which aren't even used. :)
  20. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    hang on. i think i get it. you make the vmods for all events that week? to save valuable time? and the downside is that if a person wants to race in one event they have to download all the tracks and cars? is that right? sorry, just trying to get head around it