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rFactor2 announcing license for Indy 500 Licensing

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Stefan Mizzi, May 24, 2013.

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  1. thanks mate!:thumbsup: This is a great announcement:)
  2. Now THIS I wasn't expecting. Fantastic! :)

    Indianapolis Motor Speedway (All layouts, I presume) + Dallara DW12 + Reynard 95i + March 86C + Eagle Mk4 + Cooper T54 + Watson Roadster. That's quite a lot of licenses...

    Not the biggest fan of American racing, but it's fantastic to finally see the great race given the recognition it deserves! :)

    EDIT: ISI also announced here (http://rfactor.net/web/2013/05/24/renault-licensing-deal-extended/) that their licensing deal has been extended, with the possibility of more cars. :D
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  3. This is brilliant news. I've been waiting for a proper Indycar sim for a while now, and for it to essentially be included with rfactor 2 means that the cars and the track will get the justice they deserve.
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  4. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    anything that brings even more people to the game is a good thing!
  5. That is awesome news!!! :)

    How long we will need to wait to see anything of this?
    We are waiting ages for this sim to finish, waiting ages for Silverstone..... But I am loving it! :D
  6. Great news! Am looking forward to driving the Dallara et Reynard especially.
  7. MarcG


    Silvers first then later in the year for Indy, those cars are now Top Priority so maybe next year at a guess.

    Makes a nice change from the other games licensing:
    "hey we just licensed McLaren".....
    "we did too and BMW"...
    "yeah we got BMW as well"
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  8. Quite a coup for ISI, So long as they nail the DW12 (different road/speedway trims, in car controls, etc) they'll be the must-have sim for Indy fans.
  9. They say they are going to work at it as soon as Silverstone and BTCC is finished. ISI said that SIlverstone is now in it's final phase, so let's hope ready before F1 goes to Silverstone. I guess ISI takes about 4-6 months for making a track (if you look at their history), so I expect the Indy to be read after the summer.

    Really like the fact that ISI gives us so many different kinds of racing cars to drive:D