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rfactor2 and formulasimracing

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Robert Rudholm, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. Will FormulaSimRacing convert to rFactor2 for next season?
    If so, which mod are u gonna use for that?

    Also Im looking for a good tutorial to get started on fsr for rfactor1 :)
  2. yes and we dont know what mod
  3. I believe the correct answer is: If it's ready.
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  4. I suggest letting people who actually know stuff provide information.
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  5. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    B*tch please, Ron is the ULTIMATE source of simracing. :roflmao:
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  6. i have actual information and most of us dont know what mod we are using next year so if i were you stop being a such a critic:rolleyes:
  7. So, that means that it is no idea getting rfactor1 since fsr going rfactor2 next season?

    And if getting rfactor2..what F1 mod is the best atm?

    Thx in advance

  8. It is not confirmed what platform 2014 FSR will be on. However, as William said above, it is likely if rFactor 2 is ready by 2014.

    Actual information? As in wrong information? It isn't confirmed it will be on rF2 so you are just providing wrong information to future drivers.

  9. If one of the new generation simulators is ready for it we will take it (Well its what I think and most people does)

    I've run the Winter Series here in FSR and there were crash bugs, but also were the same bugs as in rF1 in therms of set up.

    I haven't tried AC, but some simracers said to me that is great, so don't know which platform are we going to use, but for sure that we are going to end this season in rF so I would recommend you downloading it and do some laps in the FSR server :)
  10. As long as ISI doesn't fix some important problems in rFactor2 ie collison model being one of that and one of the main reasons that we are not using rF2 this year i dont see it happening that we ever gonna use rF2.

    It seems more that they are releasing some eye candy stuff instead of focusing on fixxing some important problems wich is required for league use.

    Nothing is confirmed and i doubt anything will be know before the end of this year.;)
  11. still stop being a critic

  12. still stop providing wrong information to people who may join the league.
  13. some things are wrong some things are right if your not happy with it why cause a arguement
  14. Alright :)

    So, how do I get started on rfactor1?

    Ive tried to purchase it but with no succés...
    Also when I have a valid version of rfactor installed, all I do is putting the simsync files into my main? And then good to go?

  15. Why should people be wrongly informed of important information regarding a league they want to join? People might not want to join if they think it is on rFactor 2 even though that isn't confirmed.
  16. Also, when I start simsync its in german lol...Im Swedish so I cant read german
  17. Go under Optionen and then Sprache ;).
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  18. You can change the language in the options button. Swedish is one of the choices :)
  19. Yeah, just drop the Simsync executable file and the config file inside your rFactor directory. Press the sync button and off it goes! It's as easy as that! :thumbsup:
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  20. Ok nailed it!
    Where do I get started with setups? Are there som basic ones for downloading?
    Also I assume that fsr is a no assist league?