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rFactor wheel settings/setup guide

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Kane Lasky, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. I just bought rFactor and have been having trouble trying to set up my steering wheel parameters and force feedback settings in game, feel more realistic,or to put it more accurately so I can drive. I have tried a few different cars and played around a bit with some of the settings but my car still feels very weird.

    If anyone has some good baseline settings or knows of a good rFactor guide to help me set up my hardware to work with the game to improve realism I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone may be able to provide!

    More pertinent info:
    I currently have a Momo Logitech wheel. My new Logitech G. 27 wheel will be delivered next week. maybe I should just wait since I know they will be totally different but I am still wanting to get some practice in with the rFactor game. I have been playing mostly race 07 for the last few years. I am really looking forward to the WTM S3 and bought rFactor just for this purpose.

    Race 07 settings:
    force feedback strength 55%
    force feedback effects medium
    steering sensitivity 50%
    speed sensitive steering 0%

    There are a few settings in the rFactor game that I do not understand even what they do yet, such as the digital steering rate, speed sensitivity, exaggerated Yaw.

    Current rFactor settings:
    force feedback type wheel
    force feedback effects low
    force feedback strength 30%
    Digital steer rate 20%
    speed sensitive steering 20%
    exaggerated Yaw 0%
  2. Reading through some rFactor setup guides I found out if you have a Logitech wheel the force feedback numbers need to be negative.

    Change the force feedback to -50 and voilĂ  most of my problems are solved instantly.

    I also turned down the X. axis sensitivity to 25% as my wheel has a smaller degree of rotation and some of the nicer wheels out there and even by changing the steering lock the steering inputs were happening too quickly. I haven't done so many laps yet but this seemed to help quite a bit.

    I did come up with another problem though. It seems that modifying my PLR file does not make any changes in the game. I was trying to get rid of the annoying camera cockpit shaking.

    Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?
  3. In every vehicle folders you have a "HEADPHYSICS" thing right ?

    Open it with NotePad, in the first few lines you have "HeadMass"...

    Most of the time it's at "6"... Try it at 0... Mine is at 3 but it's because my FOV is lower :)
  4. Thanks William, I tried this but I am having the same issue I changed from "6" to "0" and still no change. The camera still shakes as if a bobble head were driving the car! I restarted my computer but this has not seen to help. Any ideas?
  5. You changed it for the right mod ?

    In the vehicles folder, you have one but it will not change anything for modded cars...

    Let's say you have the AE86_N2 mod, open the folder...

    Scroll down and you should see the headphysics file for this specific mod...
  6. After quite a bit of fiddling around I figured out what the problem was.

    I was using this file path:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\rFactor\UserData\329Kane

    There was a separate folder called rFactor\User Data\329Kane

    Here is the file path:


    After searching my computer for PLR files that match my profile name I found the above file. This file was unmodified as the stock PLR. I made changes to this file and of course they work in the game.

    Just thought I would post this in case anybody else was techno-illiterate like me. If anyone would like to provide a brief explanation as to why there's two separate folders on my computer in different locations I am interested to understand
  7. Ah...

    Well, my rFactor is installed in my C: so... :p
  8. always choose your destination when installing anything, it saves hassle when looking for things like this, it also means you can diagnose errors much easier, lesson learned :p
  9. Try setting head movement to 0 in the rFactor options. There is also camera vibration parameters in your PLR file. Set the amplitude of these to 0 to remove those.

    And remember that PLR changes won't take effect if you change them while the game is open. They'll be lost when you close the game, as it overwrites the PLR file with new information when the game closes.
  10. Thanks for the tips.
    Next time I install a game I will choose my own folder.

    anybody know why two rFactor folders are created in separate locations?

    My race 07 game also did the same thing. One folder is in program files and the other folder is in my documen
  11. Race 07 stores user information (preferences, setups, etc.) in your documents folder, and the game content (tracks, cars, etc.) in program files.

    rFactor doesn't do this however, so I have no idea why it might create two different folders.
  12. Noob Q please ...what are the Digital rates settings? Do I use them with a Fanatec Elite wheel? What does R represent ? like RY, RX. I am new to pc sims. I have read the manual...nothing. How do you learn? Why wouldn't they take an hr to put it in the manual? So frustrated. Thanks to anyone with the patience and goodness to help.
  13. Its only for controllers like a 360 gamepad. Does nothing to your wheel wich is analog. :)
  14. Thank you. How do I know which axis represents each component? Like in NKpro when you press the brake, a corresponding axis reacts, and you can adjust it, inside and outside. With RF how do you know what Y axis reps, or X, or Z? All it has is slider adjustments....but to what?

  15. Me doing some heavy fuel hot laps with my DFGT. Hope u like it :)
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  16. I just used the default G25 profile ingame and reprogrammed all the buttons to my liking and it worked fine...

  17. They are the axis of the controller you are using. If you want to know which is which, go into the mappings page of the game and click on a control (i.e.steer left) and move your wheel. It will identify which axis just changed (eg. X) Same with gas, brake, clutch etc. Then you can go into the sensitivity page and adjust them. Any non-used ones, just ignore.

    Here is a link that explains axis; http://www.computerhope.com/jargon/a/axis.htm
  18. I'm having an unusual problem using my Logitech DFGT with any mod in rF (but NOT any other sim). When I rotate my steering wheel near the end of its lock, the ratio or sensitivity speeds up (evident with the virtual steering wheel and the car suddenly turning in harder) rather than continuing in at a linear rate to lock.

    This is a fairly recent issue, but I can't think of what I might have done to bring the change.

    It doesn't seem to matter how many degrees of rotation I select in Logitech Profiler, or whether I "Allow Game to Adjust Settings" or not.

    Thanks for any suggestions!
  19. You need to set your Steering Axis Sensitivity in rFactor itself higher.
  20. That would be speed sensitive steering go into the controller settings in game and then go to rates and bring speed sensitive steering down to 0 if its not already and see if that changes anything im almost certain it will.