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[Rfactor ] Whats the Workflow for new tracks ?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by p00se2, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Hello

    i am pretty much starting with BTB and was wondering what the workflow for new tracks is
    i took a quick peak at most of the features and realized its easy to get intro trouble when the workflow is now setup properly

    besides the track layout which is #1 - this is my current workflow :

    1. track layout
    2. setup pitlane/garage /pits
    3. surface properties / track width
    4. road height /hills/flats
    5.cross sections/camber/banking curves
    6. terrain
    8. detailing

    anything i forgot ?

    please let me know if my current workflow will get me into trouble

    thanks in advance
  2. Do you mean workflow for a new track of an exisitng real world circuit, or for a fictional circuit?

    For fictional asphalt circuits, my workflow generally is: Layout / Widths / Heights / Cambers / Surfaces / Pitlane / terrain / detailing

    The first 3 to 4 steps are always tested over and over for the feel and flow of the track, and once I'm happy to commit this then I go and spend the extra time for fiddly stuff like the pitlane* and terrain, details, textures, etc. (*caveat: unless the pitlane is some sort of special circumstance like in Abu Dhabi circuit, in which case I might create it earlier in the process)

    But's that's just how I do it - there may well be better ways :D
  3. its an existing real world track - i fixed the pit-lane early because the AI started wheeling up the terrain right on the pitlane exit

    did the track height during the night :redface:

    thanks !
  4. I feel that track height is part of layout so definetely it comes second.
  5. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Well I think the Jakarta Street circuit is as flat as a pancake like other Tilke tracks (Singapore, Valencia, Shanghai, Yeongam) so that step can be left out. :)
  6. Sometimes I just change the grass material to a road material temporarily until I'm ready to do the pits.
  7. The same :)

    And no track in the world is completely 0.00000 flat but that's nitpicking....
  8. good idea with the texture :D

    am building a track that goes up and down alot

    also noticed why doing pits early is no good idea - every time i change the track / fastlane i gotta redo pitlane completely also
  9. Could be too late but put the pits where first track node is... If not, then you have to move it massively every time you generate the aiw. I always do the first AIW append just when the tracks overall layout is there..
    Then i build simple pits where the BTB likes to put it everytime. It doesn't matter if that is not where the final pit will be, it just fastens the testing a lot.
  10. It also helps to put the start of the track at 0,0 (where the yellow grid lines meet) so that you can drive around before doing the AIW. It also helps if looking at your track in Scene Viewer.

    If you've built so much that moving is impractical (as I've done a few times), you can create a temporary track that goes from 0,0 to your real track.