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rFactor vs GTR Evo vs nKPro

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Phil123, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. I've never played rFactor - How does it shape up when compared to the GTR series and NK in terms of physics, graphics, realism etc?

  2. In my opion you can only answer this if you have driven the cars for real.

    But, I love rFactor. And rate it above GTRx but have never tried NK.
  3. rFactor is more real. It's a simulator!
    GTR have better graphics!
    The 2 use GMotor from ISI.
    GTR, GTR2, GTEVO is newer (better graphics) but i'am waiting rFactor2

    In rFactor you have all the kinds of starts, more professional, more real.

    Gameplay is better in rFactor.

    .... and you have many more MODS.
  4. just try them out and see, it all comes down to personal preference in the end.... i was initially massively impressed by rf... i thought it was the hardcore option.... in the end though it was just actually the no fun option...

    in total contrast to mario above, i think gtre (and gtl) leave it completely dead....
  5. Interesting. Thanks for the comments. Going to stick with GTREvo and NKP for now, the latter of which I have to say is my favourite at the moment -it physics just seems so much better than the GTR series. Will be very interested to see rFactor 2.

    Race Pro looks good but only on Xbox 360! I have a PC and PS3. Will be interesting to see if it finds its way onto the PC.

  6. I have only recently discovered nKPro and currently it is my best rated simulation program. Realistic feeling and real need of concentration.. The advantage of rFactor (my no.2 now), is its modding facilities, lots of option to add and create ...and a lot of racers on line to enjoy with.
  7. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Biggest downside of rFactor: worst lobby in the simracing history if you are looking for a quick race on a server.

    Only meganes at Mills Metro & Toban, for the rest it is mismatch heaven if you don't race in a club or private league.
  8. nKPro: Haven't played it so can't offer any thoughts.

    rFactor: SO MUCH STUFF TO DOWNLOAD AND DRIVE!! :dance: Also has great physics (not as good as Evo's though), and the best online code I've experienced. Can run on almost any PC.

    Evo: Excellent graphics, provided you have a good system. Physics are great, tons of fun. Default content is superb, you are getting tons of good-quality cars and tracks for your money. Main downsides are that the game is currently very buggy, and there aren't many mods available for it.
  9. Race Pro on the 360 came from the PC version. The 360 version is actually very close to GTR Evo on the PC, which is itself an update from RacePro for the PC.
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