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rfactor v race 07

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Paul Monaf, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Hi guys
    whats the best option and why
  2. Somewhat different platforms. I'd guess what you're looking for for a sim defines the "right" answer for you. I find race07 cars bit more easier to drive than rfactor's, and very understeery with default setups. IMO rfactor is better option because of the variety of the mods and the amount of competitive leagues out there.
  3. Out of the box, I'd say Race 07 provides a better quality of finish, while rFactor provides a richer variety of content. They're both enriched by a large selection of mods though.
  4. There is non really better. For WTCC and GT cars Race 07/GTR evo is best.
    You want more variety and lots of F1 mods from all years. rF is the best. :)
  5. thank you guys
  6. A brief comparison, in case it means anything to you.
    • Graphics; Race 07 boasts animated marshals and drivers, along with some very nice wet weather effects (car reflections on the wet track! ^^). Neither of which are present in rFactor, even with mods. However this won't feel like such a big problem when playing rFactor.
    • Simulation - Physics and other sciences; Race 07 is based on rFactor's physics engine, so they're extremely closely matched in this field. The only difference is Race 07 enables changing weather conditions, while rFactor does not.*
    • Simulation - Rules; Race 07 is limited to sprint races, as all the cars included only have slick and wet tires. No hard/soft compounds. rFactor has the upper hand here, and out of the box includes cars with a variety of tire compounds, engine mapping customization (Fast vs. Efficient), pit strategy and even driver changes for races as long as 24 hours(!)
    • Audio; Both the games use sampled sound effects, which means they can potentially sound fantastic. Out of the box, rFactor leaves a lot to be desired, but there's a solid foundation in the engine which enables modders to make cars which sound stunning. Neither of them support surround sound however.
    * Some addon tracks for rFactor provide wet versions, but the support among car mods is so uncommon that it isn't really practical, so I regard this feature as being as good as absent.