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rFactor Tyre compound

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Giovaneveterano, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. In F1 2013 mod I can choose all 4 different types of compound per race. It's possible to force AI to use only 2 tyres?
    For example in Spain should only be available Medium and Hard compounds and AI instead use SuperSoft for the entire race (destroying their tyres).
    It will be fine if I can force them to use the proper tyres for the race.
    Thanks :)
    Pirelli announces tyre compounds for first four races of 2013 F1.jpg
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  2. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    There's only 2 compounds in the FSR 2013 mod: soft and hard.
  3. This year mod is very far from the reality. Just it's my opinion.
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  4. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    The mod isn't very realistic yeah, last year's mod was better.
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  5. I actually use F1 RS 2013, not FRS
  6. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    How were you expecting we had experience from that mod then? :rolleyes:
  7. I think tyre selection is the same for any mod, I wonder if someone know where I have to search in rFactor for changing the tyre designation.
    Perhaps imposing default settings to the AI?
    I don't know, amaze me :thumbsup:

  8. This years mod is way better than last years.
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  9. Which one is better Ben? The way how i can drift all corners, that fuel consumation, Tire choice to be only 2 compounds and many more things.. I believe this mod is more difficult than to drive a real F1 vechicle. You believe the hardest mod to drive is the best, but for me and most of us, will like more the easier one, but closer to the reality.
  10. You will only know if it's close to reality, if you have driven a F1 car.

    To me this mod is way better than last years! last years tyres were rubbish.

    What is so hard about this mod?

    Car only drifts, if you have setup the car incorrectly.

    Opinions are opinions, but this years mod is way better.
  11. Is enough to see an onboard camera from some driver, how they control the car with limited testing. The mod is not hard when you do how many..? 1000 laps right? Also, if you wanna be fast, you need to set up the car with allot of oversteer, with understeery car is impossible to win. With this kind of driving you will destroy the tires for 3-4 laps, but here this is not happening. When you have time, write me in skype (MSN) gonna show you one mod, which I think is the best mod what I've ever tried.
  12. Fuel consumption was fudged to make the car slower on first laps, because the gap between qualy and full tank laptimes were much shorter than the real F1s.

    About tire compounds, better to have 2 usable compounds rather than 4 useless compounds, with everybody using one, as it happened always since I joined FSR, at least (2009). I think people doesn't realize how hard is to adjust tire compounds to make all of them really usable...
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  13. I did 25 laps or so after 3 months of no driving this mod, and my laptimes were like 0,1-0,2 off from the top Twister drivers here at Suzuka, was rather easy...

    About oversteery setups, to me it looks like all the WS-WC race winners have been using understeery setups, in fact. Probably only Morand was the exception.
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  14. Why is that. I was thinking to be like real F1. 4 compounds, 2 usable every race, which admins must announce them before each race. We talked a time ago about this, after this race I'm gonna upload the mod in the forum just the people try it, of course if the admins allow me to do thi.
  15. When you have good setup yes of course you can do good times. Starting from zero, you need at least to make 200-300 laps to make good setup for your style.
  16. i did 900 laps at silverstone, thats cause i enjoyed the track! if you enjoy something you do more laps!

    All the other tracks are around the 200 - 300 mark.

    No, thats not right at all. I like a good front end on my car, but a oversteery car sucks. Seems like Morand is the only driver to have a oversteery car, as thats how he drives. Not sure where your getting that from.
  17. Okey, maybe I'm wrong about the oversteery setup, this was my view.
  18. I don't know Ben, I'm the other one who drives like this: higher front wing, soften front suspension, but I thought more drivers are driving like this.
  19. I dont see the point about compounds. If i remember correctly, every1 wanted to spend lest time testing, introducing more compunds would increase the testing, as you would need to change the setup all the time.
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  20. Nah, Morgan's sets aren't oversteery.

    Anyway, the car is indeed hard to drive with the snap oversteer happening 3km after the corner already ended, so it's easier to do constant laptimes with "understeery" set.
    Well, if you have a good base set, you do 150-200 laps and you are more than ready to race. But you either need someone doing 2k laps for you or you need to win the lottery of doing random setup changes (yeah I did it once :roflmao: )

    What was my point....oh we've gone reallly off topic.