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rFactor - Toyota Supra MKIV Drift released

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Niels_at_home, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    Born and raised in the midst of the Scandinavian countryside, Fredric was quickly introduced to the Norwegian rally scene. As a boy he was let into go-karts, and proved his car control skills at an early age being very fast under slippery conditions.
    Discovering drifting a couple of years later got him hooked on this new form of motorsports. Fredric drove a Toyota Supra MKIV for his rookie year at formula drift, and we are proud to be releasing his awesome car for rFactor.

    • FSR (Toyota Supra Fredric Aasbo Model)
    • Niels Heusinkveld (Drift Physics)
    • Siim Annuk (Freznel Shaders & Lightflares)
    • Mianiak (Model Updating & Cockpit Work)
    • ADUBZ (In-game & Development)
    • Racing Line Developments (2JZ Sounds)
    • Drifting Physics Based Off Fredric's Real Supra - 2JZ Sounds
    • 2 Liveries (2010 Formula Drift & Team NFS)
    • FFB Upgrades
    • Fresnel Shaders & Lightflares
    Thank you and enjoy :)

    Notes by Niels about the wheel setup and physics:

    Hello! Thanks for trying the Supra Drift Car! I did this project because it is fun, and to show that rFactor is pretty capable of doing extreme sliding despite people often claiming you can't drift with it. I have simply tried to make a very powerfull, front engined rear drive car, with plenty of steering lock. Nothing was done to make it drift, unlike most drift mods which feature unrealistic tires and inertias (etc).

    Getting a big slide going and keeping it going balancing with throttle and opposite lock is one of the best feelings you can have, so give it a go! You do have to look at a few things first though:

    Steering setup:
    • Steering lock 900 degrees (G25, G27 etc)
    • Select the 'Realfeel' upgrade in the car upgrades menu
    • Realfeel settings:
      • MaxForceAtSteeringRack=1750.000000
      • SteeringDamper=11500.000000
      • FFBMixerRealFeelPercent=100.000000
      • smoothingLevel=0
    rFactor setup:
    • all axis sensitivities at 50%
    • zero speed sensitivity (controller / rates menu)
    • FFB effects set to "LOW", strength -100% for Logitech, +100% for some other brands
    • Higher framerate is better, you can't have enough!
    • Start rFconfig.exe, turn Vsync OFF!
    Windows setup:

    • ATI: Google Ati Tray Tools, set 'Flip Queue Size' to zero
    • NVIDIA: in driver options set Frames Rendered Ahead to zero. This reduces latency, though if you have the wrong type of screen / tv, you might still be in trouble..
    • Make sure graphics driver settings don't force Vsync to be ALWAYS ON (it must be OFF!)
    • Tire information

    • Surface temperature is modelled; temps go up FAST but drop FAST too. Above 220 degrees you will slowly loose noticable grip. At 300 things get mushy! Take it easy for a little while and they will cool down enough. Wear is modelled but you can do a pretty long drift session on one set.
    40 deg celcius = ~98% grip
    120 deg celcius = 100% grip
    200 deg celcius = ~98% grip
    300 deg celcius = ~92% grip

    • Pressure affects grip, and when drifting, the heat pumped into the tires makes the pressure rise. The optimum pressure is 220kpa. For drifting straight out of the pits, set rear pressure to ~200kpa. But after a longer run they will be over inflated and you've lost some grip. Get a feel for the pressures by checking them in the pits aftera run. For best grip, if you start at 200kpa, and at the end of the run you're at 240, that is ideal; you start -20kpa from ideal and end up +20kpa from ideal. The longer your run, the lower the starting pressures must be to achieve this.
    170kpa = ~95% grip
    220kpa = 100% grip
    250kpa = ~98% grip
    280kpa = ~93% grip

    • The tire compound is comparable to high performance road tires. The car can pull more than 'one G' in corners and under braking, a bit like a ZR1 corvette or GT2 porsche or a Nissan GTR. Slip angles are 'modern' too, depending on load, the maximum grip comes between 7 and 9 degrees slip angle, but usually 95% of grip is already generated at 6 degrees. Longitudinal slip (braking/acceleration) is also regular with peaks of some 9% slip, most grip already generated at 7% slip. Drifting takes place at much more slip and slip angle, so you really have to go over that limit unlike most drift mods where the limit of the tires is stretched to drifting angles!
    Engine / Drivetrain / Chassis information

    The reason the rear tires spin up so easily is because of the enormous power and torque of the engine (625Nm @ 5000RPM, 550hp @ 7000RPM), and the very short gear ratios. The car is pretty light and has the engine in the front, resulting in rear tires that don't get a lot of 'load' on them to generate grip. Nothing was fudged or made for drifting, its just the logical car physics that make this car suitable for drifting!

    The suspension is stiffened and lowered compared to a road car and special steering arms make a steering lock of 60 degrees possible. This is VERY sensitive, even with a 900 deg wheel, because the tires only require 6 or 7 degrees to generate their maximum grip. You have to get used to this if you come from other rFactor drift mods where tires work so differently.

    It all comes down to practise, and making sure you have as little input lag as possible. Gaming on a TV is often horribly bad for latency, but some monitors also add noticable lag. You don't want to be 'behind the action' when sliding at 50 degrees angle! When it works, and you practise a lot, you can do this!

    I hope you have fun with this car!


    UPDATE: Unfortunately there seem to be some issues with the permissions of this release. Download link has been removed on authors request.
  2. Awesome. Thanks Niels.
  3. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    Don't forget its just a bit of Niels with a lot going to the others involved! :)
  4. Manuel Staggl

    Manuel Staggl
    German Racing Team

    The downloadlink only shows Invalid File ID
  5. Use a different browser. That will work. :)
  6. Manuel Staggl

    Manuel Staggl
    German Racing Team

    Thanks for the info, seams like FF has a problem with it. IE worked :D