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Rfactor Sync

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Brian Johnson, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson

    Does anyone know of a free program that can be used by leagues or mod makers that syncs rfactor with whatever is on the server. I've heard of SimSync Pro but its not free because you use their servers. I am working on a mod and would like to put it on my dedicated server and allow my beta testers to sync with the server to make updating easier on them and so when the mod is released extra tracks and new cars can be added easier.
  2. Greg Wyatt

    Greg Wyatt

    I've never tested it but if you read the Multiplayer.ini file (on the dedicated server) you will read a line towards the bottom reading;

    Enable Autodownloads="0" // Whether to allow clients to autodownload files that they are missing.

    I have a dedicated server also but to be honest never even looked at this option (if it works). You could try it, if it works then let us know.
  3. Doug62