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rFactor SAPPHIRE Radeon R7 240 2 GB DDR3 VS ASUS GT730-4GD3 4GB DDR3 which is better?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by F1simulatormaniac, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone which of theese 2 cards it's better for rFactor ? My proc is: amd athlon x4 860k 3.7ghz quad core ram 12gb.

  2. Roland

    Premium Member

    Depending on your monitor setup; if running a single (non-4K, non-3D) monitor either card will probably give you a stable 100+ fps, and IMO the Asus' extra 2GB of VRAM will do nothing, so the R7 with higher clock and faster DDR3 would be preferable in theory.

    If you plan to run triple HD monitors, or a single 3D or 4K monitor, I would not recommend either card. Pick something more powerful. On paper your CPU (assuming you have a decent mainboard) is capable of keeping up with much faster cards.
  3. Thanks Roland. I actually run a single monitor asus 1280x768. My actual Graphic card it's a Nvidia Geforce 210.I think it's not good for either rfactor. I get some aliasing. I was thinking about the R7 too, don't know if I'm wrong but I did read somewhere that thoose cards are better for rFactor.
  4. Roland

    Premium Member

    Wow, A GF210... well then any card will be a big improvement, as for sure your system is now GPU-limited, with your CPU probably falling asleep.:p
    Since you play at fairly low resolution, high amounts of Video Ram will definitely do nothing for you. I'd say get the R7, it's cheaper too (over here in Holland that is..)

    Don't know about rFactor being AMD or Nvidia optimised, but I've been running AMD/ATI cards for years and have had more than decent performance in every racing game I ever played, with the exception of rFactor2 ( but maybe I never tried hard enough with that one)

    Good luck with whichever card you end up buying!
  5. :thumbsup:thanks mate, yeah now I know it's not a good card what I have now. I will go for the R7 and sure i will get big improvments. I just run rFactor. that's it.