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rfactor on Imac?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by higgins129, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    I have and I know many others have run rFactor under WINE on various linux distros. I have no personal experience with bootcamp but I know wine can be installed and run on mac using macports. It might be worth a scout around google to see if anyone has had it running that way.
  2. Download it for free and try it out?
  3. rFactor runs great on a MacPro 2010 using bootcamp. I use that system as my primary simracing rig. Very stable, and it stays cool even during long endurance races.

    I would definitely prefer bootcamp over trying to make it run on Wine as bootcamp basically just gives you the ability to select your operating system at startup, so you're effectively running on a "normal" Windows system. I guess in the end the hardware specs you mention in general should be enough to run rFactor, where the normal things apply such as getting a reasonably fast graphics card.
  4. Tried installing a demo version last night.

    No Direct x9 video adaptors found?

    Is this a common problem, i had a scout round the internet and heard that the
    nvidia 7600 gt that i run is not quite up to spec?

    Anyone recommend a good card or any way i can keep using this card just to get me started?

    Cheers for your Help
    Billy Higgins
  5. You don't need Boot Camp to run rF or GTR2 on a Mac.

    Both will run fine under WINE/CrossOver directly within Mac OS X. It's just another program that way, no need to reboot.

    Setting it up can be a bit tricky though... See the forum section @Codeweavers for some setup info.