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[rFactor-MotecAdd][Network-Version] Real time telemetry for rFactor 1255

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Alekhine, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Hie....I cant find any link on the network version anymore. Has it been discontinued?
  2. Hello

    For rfactor there was only a dualview version until now.

    But I build at present the network version because I need the server for the DX...
  3. Dear Alekhine, i just downloaded the motexAdd for rfactor dualversion, installed it and wanted to try out but the motecadd wrote "nickname not found in slot". what does this mean and what do I have to do?

    thanks for your help

    i cant find any installationguide or how to do, i am sorry for that...
  4. Hello,

    Several possibility:
    - You did not give admin rights to MotecAdd (Vista)

    - You have the DVD version of rFactor (MotecAdd works only with the downloadable version (1255DLv))

    - You have no version 1255, or you do not use the original executable.

    Others examples here:

  5. Hi Alek, thanks for your reply!!!!

    yes I have the DVD Version of Rfactor. that means it won´t work?? that would be very sad cause your tool is so great..

    My system is running on xp and i checked to have admin rights. that is.

    What do you mean with version 1255? what kind of version?

    thank you so much for your help!!!

    edit: alright, 1255 is not installed yet, clear, thanks, but anyway with the dvd version it won´t work??
  6. hi

    MotecAdd read of zones very precise in the RAM of the game, it is linked to the executable.

    The executable of the DVD version is different, the points where I read correspond in no way to the data which I need (you understand :/ )

    So that MotecAdd works with the DVD version, I have to buy the DVD (no problem) and build another MotecAdd (it is exactly as if it was about another game, big time and big problem lol).

  7. alright, that is very sad... but thank you very much. and what about the other versions: like the ingame version on which you are working right now? would it be there the same?
  8. Yes it is the same thing for the DX (ingame) version, it works with 1255 DLv only.

    I am going to buy the DVD to compare both executables. With the luck maybe that the gap is grouped, in that case I could make it more quickly.
  9. thanks so much, and i am sorry to steal your time...
    if you decide to create this tool for the dvd version too, pleas inform!! that would be so great!!!
  10. The DualView-Version works with my DVD-Version. (OS:Vista64)

    I run rFactor with original Exe-File (DVD-Version is copyprotected by Disc-Check).

    The only Problem i have: If i make a driverchange during the race, MotecAdd doesn't find my playername in memory and MotecAdd no longer works.

    It's a pity if you run endurance races with driverchanges.

  11. RFactor-MotecAdd works with the DVD of rfactor? But it is impossible, nobody managed that until today...
    Maybe that you had a license of the downloadable version and that you use the downloadable rfactor.exe ?

    For that I have to observe what change in the RAM when there is pilot's change. For that I have to organize testing with several drivers, it is not easy, I would find volunteers.
  12. I've got the rFactor1255-Lite from RFC and after installation i replaced the rFactor.exe (from Lite-version) with my original DVD-rFactor-EXE. It's the german DVD-version (rFactor Special Edition 2008 BMW F1 08 DVD).

    rF-MotecAdd works with that Combination. Don't ask me why, but it works. :)

    I can't start the game with the downloadable rF-EXE, because i can not activate rFactor with my purchased DVD-version.

    (As a little info: I've tried a Nocd-exe as well, but MotecAdd doesn't work with that, as expected)

  13. Hello,

    I asked to a friend to test. When he replaces the executable of the DVD by that of the version Lite he has a free probationary period but later he has to buy the license.
    I do not understand why that works on your PC, it is a miracle :party2:

    Concerning the nocd-exe it is sure that MotecAdd cannot work. I refused to build a MotecAdd based on this executable for evident reasons :s

    I did not find the DVD in the stores near to me, I am going to buy it on internet. With the luck the block of data is simply moved far (and not scattered), so I could add an option in the menu to choose "DVD" or "Downloadable" version.
    But if I have to look for everything,10 or 15 days is necessary (by knowing what I have to find, otherwise : whole weeks are needed :-| ).
  14. Thanks for testing.
    Yes the executable of the Lite-Version runs only 1 time. After that you must activate rFactor via internet.

    But if you are a owner of the DVD-Version (like me) you can't activate the rFactor-license, because you need a serial and the DVD-version contains no key. And you don't need the serial, because the DVD is the key.:wink2:

    Well... what i've done:

    1. I've installed rFactor from my DVD to have one complete installation including the DVD-executable. (I think this is not really necessary, but won't hurt) :rotfl:
    2. Then i've installed the rFactor1255-Lite in a different folder. (Just for Mods 'n' Stuff) :wink2:
    3. Now i took the DVD-executable from my full installation and copied into my rFactorLite-folder overwriting the original-Lite-Exe.
    4. Starting rF-MotecAdd (DualView-Version
    5. Finally starting rFactor (the Lite-Folder with the new DVD-executable)
    6. pressing Ctrl+F1 and it works. :)

    I've attached a screenshot about the properties of my DVD-executable (Date, Filesize, ....)


    Attached Files:

  15. I learnt something interesting: rFactor-MotecAdd also works with the DVD version "Special edition 2008"

    I think that the EXE is the same (ie downloadable version).
  16. Any news on the network version?

    Hello Alekhine,

    are there any news concerning the network version of rFactor MotecAdd? Unfortunately i don't have a second monitor, but i do have a laptop, so a network version would be great!!

  17. Hi,

    I make most possible to end the work. I am late because I cannot always concentrate as I would want because of some life unluck problems.

  18. Hi

    iu was wondering is it possible to run the DX version with SofTTH?
    because softth uses d3d9.dllm is there a way to put the DX together??
  19. hello,
    All the DirectX proxy-dll plugins are named “D3D9.DLL” to self-load the personal code, because the game "think" loading the DLL Microsoft DirectX, it is a technical easy way, we cannot use another name, therefore you cannot use several plugins at the same time, except if we could chain them, but for the moment DX can't chain another DLL because the initialisation code is not executed...

    PS: Another info: The client network for rFactor is under construction: http://www.forum.veloceprod.fr/index.php?showtopic=142
    (compatible Race07-Series and rFactor servers)