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[rFactor-MotecAdd][Dualview-Version] Real time telemetry for rFactor 1255

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Alekhine, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Hie...im having some jerking prob after transfering license from windows vista to xp. Screen stutter and fps drop every time theres a data transfer e.g. stepping on the pedals

    Currently redownloading and re-installing and see how it goes.
  2. engine health , accurate?

    I want to use this when I race. I want to be able to look at engine health and know if I'm close to blowing up the engine near the end of my race so I can short shift or turn down the boost. I also want to be able to see at the end of the race if I have plenty of engine life available so I can push the car and maybe finish in a better position had I been driving slower saving the engine.

    When I do timescaled races with rFactor, the engine life seems to slowly creep down in percentage then after around 50% it decreases more quickly and then the engine seems to die somewhere in the 30% range.

    Shouldn't it blow up around 0% ? I should be concerned about the engine health when it's around 40% ?

    Please let me know how you use the engine health while you are racing? I'm trying to see if the consenus is that when it gets to the low 40%, the engine is about to blow and I'd have to nurse the car to the end.

  3. Hello,

    Yes I answered you on my forum this subject.

    The gauge indicates what the game makes. There is no calculation and no interpretation of this value.
    The position of the gauge is directly indexed in the variable of health engine. So if the game breaks the engine when the gauge is 39% or 55% I do not can foresee it...

    Consequently as soon as you see the gauge below 100 % it is that there is a problem (temperature engine etc.) it is necessary to be very careful with the RPM to finish the race.
  4. As soon as I start to race, the Motor Health will go below 100%. Near the end of my race it will get to 30-39% and then the engine will die. I can fix my setup so that I can go a whole race and the engine won't blow up. That is not the problem or issue.

    If your program shows the engine to always die at 39%. How many laps does it take to go to 39% if the motor health shows 60%.

    How many laps or how long does it take to go from 50% to 39% and die?

    How many laps or how long does it take to go from 45% to 39% and die?

  5. Hello,

    My gauge displays what the game 'decided' to break on your engine.

    If you shift-down twice violently you go to see this gauge to make 100 > 0 % (example).

    If the temperature of the engine is too high in the fast part of the track you can maybe finish the race with gauge in 95%

    If the Setup AND the mod is built well you go to finish a race of one hour with the gauge in 100%.

    If ... ...

    So if you see the gauge going from 39 to 0 % it is because the last action cost 39% (or more) of life to the engine...

    It is impossible to predict what is going to take place because that depends on you and on the Setup. The gauge displays the result of the health of the engine.
  6. buy a license for a friend

    How do I buy a license for my friend?

    Please advise.


  7. Hello,
    You have a PM.

  8. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Hi Alekhine, I am running DualView but it doesnt see rFactor.

    When I open Dualview I get this message

    "#R2: Impossible to write licence information to registry!"

    I click OK and Dualview opens, I then launch rFactor and nothing shows on dual view.

    Just shows at the bottom (In waiting...(CTRL-F1 to start scanning)
  9. Hello,

    This message indicates that MotecAdd has no admin rights.
    All MotecAdd softwares must be started with admin rights, not only for the license, but also to read in RAM.

    When it will have the rights you will see the information when you will press on CTRL + F1.

  10. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Thank you Alekhine.
  11. Licence request

    Hey,i like to get dualview licence,can i?

  12. Hello,

    Yes you can (Yes WE CAN ! :rotfl: )

    Note that the license pack1 unlock all MotecAdd softwares include in "pack1" (Dulaview/Network/DX -- for GTR2/rFactor1255/Race07-GTRE-STCC...), not RF-dualview version only...

  13. the livetime has a randomized variable which may not be included in the estimation - which is actually pretty realistic IMHO, you cannot calculate and TRUST every heartbeat of an engine ;)
  14. Hi guys

    im having a problem after making a pit stop
    the fuel perlaps and fuel w/ tank just goes crazy and doesnt count right anymore
    theres something i can do to fix???

    and another thing does any of you use avira antivir?
    how do i stopped thats annoying virus alert i tried to look inside de antvir but couldnt find something to enable motec

  15. Hello,

    What track raise this problem?
    I know this problem but I don't manage to reproduce the bug here :/

    I don't know AVIRA-Antivir, but I think that you can exclude the directory of MotecAdd.
    It's a false alerts heuristics, More information here: http://www.forum.veloceprod.fr/index.php?showforum=82

  16. HI,
    every track in rfactor, after pitstoping i have to alt+F1 and then ctrl+F1 again
    then goes back to normal!

    ok, i will try to contact AVIRA and ask for a solution
  17. o_O

    Ok, I am going to look at that in some days :confused2:
  18. Motecadd Setup Information

    Please would it be possible to release a full setup proceedure for your product? I have downloaded from the official link and set the program up, but when I go to start the program it ask's me to point it to the .msi file which I cannot find. The program setup does not allow for me to install to another folder. Please help as this is very frustrating! I feel like a noob asking but hey that what this forum is for eh?

    sytem spec's:

    XP SP3
    Phenom Quad Core
    Nvidia 7950GT
    2GB ram
  19. Hello,

    The "msi not found" problem is because DEP or antiviruse prevent SETUP.EXE to unpack *.MSI

    Thus the process don't found msi file :|

    Launch setup.exe in admin session (no DEP problem on XP), and exclude setup.exe in your antiviruse.

    nb: If you have another virus alert please read this post :