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[rFactor-MotecAdd][DirectX-Version] Real time telemetry for rFactor 1255

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Alekhine, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Hello,

    rFactor-MotecAdd-DX is in test at present...

  2. hi. where do i get this add on
  3. Hello,

    This version is in test at present. It will release in public version in 15 or 20 days.

    If you have two screens on your PC you can use the Dualview version by waiting.

  4. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Alekhine, I have the full version for GTR Evo. Will that also transfer to rFactor?
  5. Hello :p

    Yes naturally, it is the same license for all the MotecAdd "Pack1 / 1a".

    If you have already loaded a full license in a MotecAdd you will have to make nothing, the new MotecAdd is going to hang automatically to the current full license.

    It is the same for update
  6. cheers chaps.. i have a moteci2 program but its not realtime which is what im after.. i will wait for this one
  7. ./.
  8. when???
  9. Alekhine,
    good job again!!!! I'm so looking forward to this.. I need this for the PCC 6h edurance!!!! :D

  10. I am going to send you an e-mail with a beta version.

    Gabriel, if you want to test it I would send you a PM with link.

    We cannot see the car in the garage as on GTRE, it is necessary to click the monitor to zoom it, it's the only place when it is visible. I hope that I am going to find a solution later.

    But on track no problem :)

  11. :rotfl: :dance2: :wink2:
  12. Some Web sites host some versions of MotecAdd.

    Here (http://www.simracingworld.com/files/download/2094-motec-add-dx-rfactor-utility/) for example you can download rfactor-DX (haha), it doesn't exist because there has been never released until now.

    I receive a big number of email saying to me that the DX doesn't work, yes lol the DX for GTRE doesn't work on rfactor (it was necessary to say it ? lol).

    There are only 2 sites in the world where you can download the true versions of MotecAdd: here on RaceDepartment, and on my forum (Download Center section)

    You take a big risk and you waste time if you download it somewhere else...

    Saddened for it, I contacted the admin of sites but I have never answer, so the confusion persist in google...

  13. Thanks for leting everyone knows about it, Alek!!!!
  14. Hi Alekhine,

    thx for devleoping thuch a great tool..:laugh2:I looking realy forward to this tool, because i need it for Formula 1 (FSOne 2008).

    I'm a league driver, and it will be great to have the MotecAdd DX-Version...:skywalker:


    P.S. Will it be possible to be a beta-tester?
  15. Hello :)

    If you already know the DX for Race07 / GTRE that would be easier.
    And before I have to translate installation instructions because everything is in French at the moment :drool:

    The first beta version was successfully tested. Now I have to improve it and go up it to the same level as the GTRE version because I added many things since. As soon as this version will be Ok I would contact you ;)

  16. Hi Alek,

    thx, that will be great, i'm really happy about that!! :rotfl:
    But I don't drive rFactor only, actually i have GTR and Race 07 installed too. :wink2:

  17. Hi Alekhine,

    will the rFactor-MotecAdd-DX work with the DVD version "Special edition 2008" too? You know the case. :wink2:

  18. Hi,

    I think yes, because motecadd-server scan exactly the same addresses which dualview version.

    You have the dvd special edition 2008 ? if yes you can test the beta-1 today (I translate the manual installation description this evening. Install is not complicated, but in French I think that you hate me LOL)
  19. Yes i have the dvd-version (see also this :wink2:). Thx, i'd like to test the beta. I don't speak french, but i think i'll get it to work. :)