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rFactor most usefull plug-ins

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Fabrizio Ribeiro, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. I was looking around on the forum, found lots of plug-ins, but i don't know which one to take.
    Tryed to search some topic with some ints but 0.

    I'd like to know which are most usefull plug-ins to make a set-up of the car, i'm used to the telemetry of live for speed with pressing F, but rfactor hasn't got one.

  2. Best on-screen telemetry for rF is either MotecAdd by Alekhine @ VeloceProd or rFDynHUD by CTDP. Google them :)

    Another useful plug-in is the Map Plugin 1.06 by fazerbox.
  3. Map plugin is a must for learning tracks, especially fictional ones as you won't know them from real racing
  4. Thanks for those, are there some plug-ins to see where the forces apply?
  5. For Telemetry i use the SimAdapter/ SimView package (Not available anymore but have got my own links to give to people). For fuel usage i use the Spotter2 Plugin Fuel feature.

    Both are on my 2nd screen, and i also run rfactor in windowed mode so i can click on 2nd screen without minimising.

    I also run RealFeal & LeoFFB. Either separately or in combination with each other.
  6. That would work good with me since i got 2 screens too, may i have the link if you can please?
  7. Install both of these, and have them both running when racing.

    You'll see when you open SimAdapter that you'll need to go to Input Plugins, select Rfactor, then hit configure, find your rf install.


  8. Thanks, gonna try those.

    Edit: nice ones, simple and usefull, good if you got 2monitors setup so the driving screen isn't a mess..