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Released (rFactor) Magic Round-about; Will U Spew

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Lee Knight, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. My first release & my only pure fantasy track to date.
    A friend came back from England & showed me a road sign for a 'Magic Round-about' which
    gave me the insperation for this track that first started as an experiment....

    Thanks go to Ehrlec for the 'perfect circle', without which I wouldn't have even been able
    to build this....
    Kennett Ylitalo for finishing off my center piece
    DMz for Rally Pack2
    legendsatlunch for Legendsxpack
    woochoo for the house
    ennisfargis for Rural Australia
    WeirdBeard for Haywood_Club
    Austinman55 for Tire Walls
    Stealthy for the 4pronged Track Lights
    Scott for Stage Arrows
    martinez for Kormoran2003_roads
    & the un-named meistro who made Trackside Objects
    Also a HUGE thank you to Piddy for BTB (come back Piddy!)

    A big thanks too to legendsatlunch, DMz, woochoo, festa_pwr & Kennett Y for all their advice,
    hints & tips
    Enjoy folks...



    PS. Ive currently included 2 AIW files, one for online with correct corridores but wonky Fast Path &
    one for off-line for a smoother Fast Path but the occassional infringment due to the
    corridores being incorrect, for example when running to deep into some round-abouts....
    I'm unable at this present time to fix this & am hoping some as-yet unsung hero can help
    with this problem as it has me baffled.
    I'll probably give this a full release soon as is & hope someone can come forward as I need
    to give my BTB folder a good clean-up!
    Whoever can help will get full credit of course...

    At first it's a strange layout so I suggest riding with the AI for a few laps to familiarize
    yourself with the route.
    For biggest laughs & grins this track is best run with a full grid of 26 opponents & 5+ laps
    The track is intended for (preferably online) destruction derby & testing & just having a laugh.
    It's not intended to look stunning as it's best raced with a full field & that would just hurt fps so there's no extra frilly bits besides some basic background to fill the gaps....
    My best times so far are in the WRC Subaru v1.1 mod @ about 1':12"+
    So, should I make a full release yet?
    Thanks everyone!

    Working (hopefully) link replaced broken download....
    Nope, still broken, it works before uploading!
    OK, new link definitely works, strange that one....
  2. Three days, 1 download & no reviews.....shattered I am....;)
    I was hoping for SOME feedback at least from those that have put up with me the longest/ I trust the most here at RD before full exposure upon the rFactor world....lol
    Actually, Im nervous about it being my first release & a track-for-laughs/destruction derby, ANY feedback would be nice guys, even bad stuff- pleeeez?
  3. ebrich

    Premium Member

    Don't worry Lee. Must have taken a long time to get to here - up over, as its only just appeared 19.00 hrs 20th june!!
    Unless I'm getting tunnel vision in my old age!
  4. ebrich

    Premium Member

    Downloaded twice and twice got an error. Perhaps try uploading it again!?
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  5. Bugger, I'll check my own link then....
    Link is working so far....
    And download complete, or did you mean error in game?
    I'll check that too in a moment...
  6. ebrich

    Premium Member

    It said .rar file could not be completely decompressed - corrupt or incomplete or encrypted.
  7. I found that myself after downloading the file again....
    Ive deleted old file & uploading for a [EDIT] FOURTH(!) time, sorry about that!
    Try this instead please (now the same above & below)....
    BTW, that second post was written with my usual bent humour....;)
  8. ooh, your friend must of been in Essex. Driven through that series of round abouts a few times in real life on the way to Southend.

    The most interesting thing on this track which has gotten my attention, is the AI. How ever you have managed it, the AI use the same piece of track more then once. This is something I have been trying to figure out how to do, as I wanted to try and make a Global Rally Cross track in rFactor which has a joker lap (6 lap races, but 1 lap takes a different route, X-Games 17-18 Track).

    Your tracks AI has inspired me to have another go to figure it out.
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  9. I've been looking for the road-sign the last couple of days & have had no lock finding it, sorry....
    (Until I looked on Wiki!)
    It was going to be the loading screen but it was actually a five 'headed' round-about-it IS though, listed as 1of2 'Magic' round-abouts in England; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_Roundabout_(Swindon)
    Being an odd number of smaller 'heads' around the larger round-about is needed for the constant crossing pattern, but five just wasn't enough!
    When I first started & it had no terrain to speak of & no objects like those tire walls & the AI was quite good & smooth, but somewhere through decorating it I turned the track by 90 degrees by accident & when I turned it back the AI never followed it back-since then, every attempt at building another AI has resulted in the fast path that is in the 'On-line' folder so I managed to reserect the old ('Off-line') one to see us through for now....
    Not long before first decorating it, I had read somewhere on some racing forum a desire for 'destruction derbys' "with a difference" & this immediately fell to mind!
    When pushing too deep into some corners it will DQ (Off-line/standard AI) + the cars cutting through the Tire walls erk me big time.
    And although the 'On-line' AI file has the corridors properly set but the Fast path is even worse with the cars acting like they're coughing & farting everywhere due to bad fuel!
    If I could combine the two......
    Any way....
    The main thing to getting them to repeat a 'duel' like path was looping the Main Path.
    Once that was done the Fast Path had the same treatment.
    Be careful with the Fast Path though as when the control points become to close together they can 'jump' between the reference points of the Main Path (is the best I can think to describe it as) & you end up with a F/P like the 'On-line' file-then again, on-line you don't need AI really, hopefully there's enough other nutters on-track with me to dodge or crash into ;-)
    Hopefully soon someone brainier than me can do us a fix for the AI & we can all have the best of both worlds without having to play about with copy/pasting files all the time...
    When it happens I may dress it up a bit more & add a second clearing & track with some more circular mayhem! :-D
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  10. just read the wiki article on magic roundabouts, that just looks awful, what in the world were you brits thinking with that one?!?!
  11. They should use one of those roundabouts at the Arc de Triomphe... Can you imagine? XD
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