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rFactor issues

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Anders Madsen, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Hello

    after playing Race, GTR etc for a long time ive decided to try Rfactor 2.

    It seems very good and the feeling when driving is also very nice. I have one problem though:

    I havent been able to complete a full lap in the game yet. When i load a track and start to head out of the pit, i can drive anything between 10-30 secs before the game will kick me to either main menu or back to pit screen with no other usable buttons than the leave track button (rest is either greyed out of dissapeared).

    Anyone got that error before? its really doing my head in now :teeth:
  2. It'd be pretty hard to complete a full lap in the game, because rF2 hasn't even been released yet... :bulgy-eyes:

    Are you sure you're talking about the right game?
  3. at this point i really dont give a damn if its 1 or 2 the crap game dosent work. And its RF1 btw.... just installed the game for the 3rd time, still with same outcome. What a waste of money...
  4. First off - it must be an error at your end because we'd all feel pretty annoyed by now. What I'd suggest you do is run rfconfig which is in the main folder, set the settings to DX9. Make sure you have updated drivers. Are you trying to run a mod or mod track or the main game?
  5. I would suggest uninstalling the whole thing (deleting all traces) and doing a clean re-install. Then try a lap in a default mod/track test session. I would be surprised if it were the game at fault.