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Rfactor in game settings

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Neil Tasker, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. there 2 settings i,m not sure of if any one could recomend what the ydo and what they should be idealy set at,

    auto detail fps

    vertical fov

    also shadow blur what do people run this setting at

    thanks in advance
  2. Vertical fov is just the Field of View like with so many games. :)
    And Auto detail FPS is that you can set a FPS number and if the game drops below that number. It automatically changes some graphic settings to give you some more FPS. I always have it on OFF btw. I dont like that the game changes settings out of my control. :)
  3. cool thank you very much ivo,
  4. Shadow Blur would be more "Smooth" shadows I presume :)
  5. Yes, although that usually hurts FPS. If fps tends to be low on your rig, lowering the Shadow settings (and turning off mirrors) is normally the first things you could do.
  6. dont have any fps issues always got around 180 fps,i just fitted and some new parts to my pc and want to now make sure all settings are running to the best they can be,
  7. Never use Auto-Detail FPS. It's horrible :)
  8. So if you turn the auto detail up high does that mean of the changing graphics when u turn it down low
  9. basically if you run anto detail at a high figure, when your in game if your fps drop under that figure, then the game will automactically reduce your settings to improve you fps and keep them above your set value,