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Released [rFactor] Hobsbury

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by R Soul, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. Here's a lap of my upcoming fictional track, Hobsbury:
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  2. Here's another video:
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  3. Very nice!
    That downhill run through the flat out left & then down into a right-hander (0:16to0:32) reminds me of the run down to Creg-ny-baa at the IOM... :)
    The rest puts me in mind of an English version of Old Spa...
    Awesome track, very much looking forward to trying it out!
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  4. Here's another preview:

    I've added fake shadows to the tree walls. That was quite hard. BTB's walls weren't up to the task unfortunately. It was too hard to get entire faces to remain above the terrain when the walls vertices don't match. I imported the terrain into Blender and duplicated the polys, applied a shadow material and moved it up a few CM. The UV mapping was quite a challenge. :confused:

    I recently decided to get rid of the blending where the grass meets the track. It looked poor under headlights, and I think it looks more realistic to keep it green.

    I've also been sorting out the LOD values (drawing distances) for most of the objects to keep the triangle count down.

    My most recent addition was some dirt runoff decals where I think drivers are most likely to go off. I can add more. I made them in Blender and converted them in 3DSimed.
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  5. The track is coming along nicely!
  6. The track is nearly ready. There were a couple of corners I wasn't happy with, so I drove another lap and used GrooveEd to update the line for those corners only. Here's another preview, which also shows a subtly blurred race groove texture:
  7. Very nice!
  8. It's got a nice flow, though I think Farmer Brown's fence needs a lot of mending since I keep hitting it :)