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rFactor - GT3 mod by Apex Modding released

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ivo Simons, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Five years in the making and after some ups and downs Apex Modding released their GT3 mod. The mod includes the following cars: Aston Martin DBRS9, Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche 997 GT3R, Ferrari F430, Audi R8, Corvette Z06 and the Alpina B6.

    The mod group got help from real drivers who are racing in FIA GT3, BlancPain Endurance Series and GT Tour and Apex Modding is still working on some other cars for future release and are ofcourse closely looking to rFactor 2 as well.

    Click this link to download the GT3 mod

    Make sure to check out the rFactor Racing Club forum right here at RD as this mod is high on our list to be used for casual events! Leave your comments below or raise your hand if you would like to race these brutal GT's!​

    If you are waiting for rFactor 2 then head over to the rFactor 2 forums for more news and discussions about Image Space Inc's sequel to rFactor.

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  2. Mapu


    Haven't tested this mod yet, but maybe it is a good candidate for RD Club Events? :cool:
  3. My Lips are sealed Marcel :p
  4. oooh hell yeah! :cool:
  5. ...and that's just the first part of the mod - with the BMW Z4, Mercedes SLS and others coming up in a future release - promises to be a great mod and a nice entry to GT racing :redface:
  6. Super fantastic, getting ready to DL it now. Pleeeeeaaaase say they are working on adding a GTR to the line up.
  7. Actually they said they will add all cars of the FIA GT3 series but since they included the F430 (wich ran the 2010 series but doesn't run anymore) and the Alpina B6 it is probably the 2010 season I'm pretty sure we'll see the Mercedes SLS, BMW Z4, Ford GT, Ford/MarcVdS Mustang and the Ascari KZ1R as well in the second release-pack
  8. Mod covers 2006 to 2010. :)Ferrari runs this season the 458. :)
  9. You're right - didn't recognize the 2006-2010 in the loading screen Not sure about the pre 2010 cars but I guess there will be a Viper, a Jaguar and a Morgan as well then and unfortunately no SLS
  10. anyone tried to download yet? I can`t find proper download link..
  11. You have to fight your way through a french registration on the RacingFR website but if you are registered there you should see a Rapidshare link Not sure if we're allowed to post it here openly - if you need help, PM me
  12. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Its in the top post :)
  13. Not really - it leads to the DL page of Apex - but there is no direct download there - only a link to a french language forum and a passworded FTP link :tongue:

    In the french forum, there is a link to a Rapidshare download though (only visible after you are registered there)


    Seems like they removed the password of the second link
  14. Link 2 on their site works, I've downloaded the mod from this link without problems. It's direct link without password protection nor something else.
  15. I have tried numerous times to download this mod, I keep getting a server reset error. Is there another link available ?
  16. Link 2 on their site works fine. I already testedthe mod and it's a 10 out of 10 for me. I already know these cars very well because I race in the NAGP league and we race exactly these cars. This season for the first time we have the Alpina and we also have the new ferrari. But it's in GTR2. This is a worthy counterpart for rFactor and most definitely RD should let us race it. (please, do it so it's either on the weekend or a suitable US time? Pretty please?)
  17. GT3 by Apex Is a very good mod. I tried all the race cars. And, all or exceptional. Here is my personal rating. Handling /90 Sound /88 Detail /85 Simulation /90
  18. None of the links work for me, password protected. Come on RD, if you are going to inform us of something great then at least sort out where we can get it from.
  19. woot! :)