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rFactor graphics question

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by RC45, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. RC45


    A question for experienced rFactor modders, painters and modellers.

    What am I missing in the attributes I need to apply to the material for the tyre that will prevent it showing up transparent in the "spinner" view when the shadow is cast on it?

    The texture shows up just fine in 3Dsimedit, Vehicle Viewer and in-game - but no joy in the spinner.


  2. Are you using some kind of weird blending on the tyre material?
  3. RC45


    Thanks ehrlec - switching to Simple did it.
  4. RC45


    Yes, I was attempting to use a second texture with blurred tyre script, I am not even sure it really needed. Is there that much of a performance hit taken if you rely on the rotating wheel mesh/textures instead of a second set of blurred textures?

    I was looking at how you guys did the C6 mods wheels. Is that just to help slow PC's with frame rater?