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rfactor graphic crashes

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by king81, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. Hello

    I have a problem with rFactor. It crashes randomly (my friends have similar problem). We are all running nvidia graphics 8800 GT, 8600, and 9800.

    The game freezes for about 20 sec and then the screen comes back - and it has strange artefacts - rainbow colours, seethrough walls and road etc...

    I have read somewhere that nvidia and DX9 do not cope in rFactor and that driving with DX8 will solve the problem - do you thing that's true ?
    (but the graphics do not look as fine as in DX9:sidefrown:)

    I have installed this fix - http://www.virtualr.net/nvidia-fps-fix-03-released/ and my framerate is more stable. But it still crashes. I have a very similar problem in GTREvo and GTR2.

    Could you Guys help me with that ?

    System specs are compliant:
    oryginal Win XP 32 bit
    Intel Dual Core e4500
    RAM - 4 GB dual channel
    motherboard gigabyte ds3r
    my graphic GF 8800 GT
  2. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    I had exactly the same problems with almost the same NVidia cards (8800GTS and 9800GTX).
    Tested it on various resolutions, xp and vista, different drivers, different settings, the config.ini memory trick. All without success.
    I have never solved it although running a much older driver was more stable for me. From memory v165.18 (but I might talk bullshit).

    After months and months of trying I just bought an Ati card and all problems were solved.

    But, maybe another one can shine a bright light on this. Some people have those issues, most of them don't.
  3. Buying an ATI card is the dead-end solution for me - I hate ATI cards, always had a problem with them and catalyst control center is a joke in terms of effectiveness.

    I've been running rFactor in DirectX 8 as my friend advised me - I did about 80 laps so far and had no crash. Will come back to you with more info on that.

    The case here is that rFactor is an old game, and it somehow doesn't cope with the new nvidia cards and drivers - or the other way around.
  4. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Its not the card, its the drives. I had no problems with NVidia for years. Till they were rushing with drivers to get Crysis running. Drivers were updated x-times a week and I think an error was slipped through which does not occur on recent games, but which affect older games.
    My crashes happened since that time, thats my theory.
  5. OK - I did some laps on DX8 and had no lock-up so far - so maybe that's the solution.

    I will post it here if I encounter a lockup on DX8.
  6. Running an 8800GTX maxed out on details with 40 visible oponents and never had this issue DX9. Sounds to me like your card is getting to hot if you are seeing artifacts. Using Vista 64 and Nvidia drivers 182.06

    I would try the following.

    1. Uninstall current drivers, reboot in safe mode and run Driver Cleaner.

    2. Reboot and install new drivers.

    3. I had issues with lockups when running RivaTuner but since getting rid of it rfactor has never had an issue.

    4. Check GPU temperatures.

    Hope it helps.
  7. Thanks for the reply.

    I thought the same - overheating - back then when i suffered overheating in GF8800 i had 5 lockups a day ... now it locksup on DX9 once a day - once every other day.

    In GF 8800 the fan is locked to 30% and I couldn't turn it into more with nvidia drivers so I got Riva Tuner - now the fan is at 80% and the cards temperature in stress doesn't go further than 62Celcius.

    Maybe it's the driver issue + riva tuner issue - i will try to uninstall my current drivers and the riva tuner and I will have a go with your configuration.
  8. Try uninstalling RivaTuner first and see what happens. As I said i was having lockups sometimes once a day other times once every 2 weeks, took RivaTuner out and have had no issues since.
  9. I need the Riva Tuner to set the fan to 80% cause if I use the nVidia option - it resets itself after reboot and goes to 30%. My friend has GF 9600 and no Riva Tuner and had the same lockups - he advised to switch to DX8. So I did and after a while I thikt it cures the lockups - I did even a race on Canada (18 people) - 35 laps + 2quali sessions - and no lockup so far. I think using DX8 is the best solution for rFactor.
  10. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    I had that same issue last year. Freezing screens at all games.
    Tried several things, at the end i changed the motherboard and thermal paste. Never happened again! 8800GTS is a very good one, you can increase your quality settings without overclocking, because she supports it well.
    BTW i don't know anything about overclocking, but know what it means. :snowman: PC not expert here...:giggle:

    Good luck.
  11. See mate :) You didn't have the same problem. Our problem concerns only rFactor (and GTREvo). Other games like FarCry2, CallOfDuty4 are flying flawlessly on my equimpent. And I do not experience any overheating :)
  12. I have the same problem a year ago. Everything worked perfectly until one day the locks and began mixing of textures

    1 year ago i had AMD 3500+ 1GB Ram asus A8Ne nforce 4, XFX8800GTS. Then i change the CPU for a 4200+ X2 and some new fan.

    Then Change the mainboard MSI nforce 750i, 4GB Ram, XFX8800GTS, case and fans. Nothing, all the same.

    Then change the graphics card for a GTX285 and the same, is totally random, sometimes happens in an hour, others in other 7 hours is not 30 minutes in others, but always online.

    I test different drivers, 17x to 182.50, Omega, etc... and nothing.

    The temp of graphics card is about 50º idle and 60º max to full.

    I dont know where o what is the problem. Only with rFactor.

    If I discovery something I post it.

  13. I went with those drivers: XTreme-G 180.84 XP 32bit - but had a lockup in rFactor.

    Generally on any driver if I switch to DX8 in rFactor there are no lockups.

    I went back to my drivers delivered on the CD with the card - original drivers vers 169.xx - no lockup so far on rFactor (3h played) and no lockup on GTREVO (full race 8laps + 8laps).
  14. I had same problem with my nVidia 9800GT (182.50 WHQL drivers) while I was playing rFactor noDVD (md5sum of rFactor.exe - fa4f3bc048345765c16cda9c290dc41c, file built 20.09.2007, 3 223 552 bytes).
    There were no problems in other applications (Call of Duty 4/5, Crysis, etc.) and my old card (ATi X1800XT) worked well.

    Now I'm playing with official *.exe - no problem so far (md5sum - b5e788fc5e5d6ebc72d4bccc527b1217, file built 22.10.2007, 2 211 840 bytes).

    Sorry for poor English :)
  15. Graphical lockups with Rfactor

    I have a problem with rFactor. It crashes randomly (my friends have similar problem). We are all running nvidia graphics 8800 GT, 8600, and 9800.

    The game freezes for about 20 sec and then the screen comes back - and it has strange artefacts - rainbow colours, seethrough walls and road etc...

    This is the exact problem I have..

    from reading the posts, it seems that DX8 fixes the issue, but not enough detail on DX8. Do I need to uninstall DX9c from my computer and install DX 8, or do you mean to choose the DX8 mode in the graphical settings for rfactor? Big difference.. :)

    This problem is very troublesome to me, because I race in 3 leagues and when this happens during races, I am screwed,, loss of points, loss all the way around, not to mention my team mates are getting tired of it.

    Does anyone out there have a fix for this?

    system specs:

    ASUS motherboard
    intel core duo 8400
    4 gig of ram
    g-force 9800 GT
  16. Sorry to but in hear but have u treid the newest version of DirectX that mite sort it.
  17. after a lot of rfactor problems, wheelsettings, servers, graphics i stop with rfactor races.

    I make one exeptation, the 6h
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