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rFactor - FSONE 2010 - Ferrari previews

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ivo Simons, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. Indeed you read it correct FSONE 2010. IPM released already some previews from there 2010 mod showing the Ferrari F10 drivin by Massa and Alonso.
    f101.jpg f102.jpg
  2. That Looks Gawjus:D!
  3. Ferrari Virtual Academy free with multilayer version coming out soon enough ;P
  4. OMG, I want the car but I hope it handles better then the FSONE 2009. (no offence but IMO the FSONE 2009 did not handle like a real F1 car)
  5. geez why don't we get these in gtr evo? race guys really miss out on good mods.
  6. Simbin his own fault with making the RACE series so modding unfriendly. :)
  7. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Or just buy the game that is made for modding: rfactor.
  8. Looks so cool cant wait this one :cool:
  9. woow! i really hope this will be released soon:)
  10. I hope that the grip will much the actually grip that the F1 cars have , and also guys make the mod more easy for the Setup...........we want to race not sitting all the time to configure the cars.............we want to race..................we are a race drivers not mechanical engineers..
  11. Then you are at the wrong adres i think. Its simracing. ;). Setting up a car is part of it and supports the whole experience imo.
    If i just want to race with nothing to do i play F1 2010 or any other console game. :)
  12. Sorry but i don't understand the hype about these pictures....looks 99% the same as FS2009,and it is just pictures so there is nothing that says this mod will handle any different than 2009 wich i think is a great mod btw.
  13. I loved FS2009, though i thought the brakes didnt feel right, either way i loved it, and i cant wait for this mod, i was under the impression that there was not going to be a 2010 version, so this is a pleasant surprise.