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rFactor F1 2012-Mods

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by SoTD, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    i'm a big fan of F1-mods for rFactor, i really enjoy the F1-S-R 1994 mod, aswell as the F1-2011 mod.

    Now, we're halfway through the real F1 2012 season and i'm interested in a F1 2012 mod for rFactor and i like to know if there is any good F1 2012 mod available yet? I know for sure that there is a "VFR 2012" mod.. but it's a french community which i don't like because it's hard to get support there for me. So, are there any other good F1 2012 mods for rFactor out there?
  2. This is my WIP preview of rfactor f1 2012 mod...this is completely a raw rfactor screenshot(no photoshop is included)...i m working on HDR,blur and DOF mod....also made realistic skies and cubemaps....a whole pack will include f1 2012 with enhanced physics mod plus graphics mod v2.0 including realistic skies.

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  3. onboard lap with FW34.

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  4. Really nice work.
  5. f1 rft is good mod but it is only a demo at the moment
  6. Video of F1RFT 2012 DEMO
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