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rFactor drivers read this

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ramon van Rijn, Oct 1, 2008.

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  1. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Currently our GTR Evolution events are running very smooth. Good numbers show up and the racing is fun.

    We would like to see the same for rFactor. For some reason the signups stay low in rFactor.

    In case you like some good rFactor racing please signup here: http://forum.racedepartment.com/club-rfactor/7599-pcc-@-valencia-street-sunday-5-october-2008-a.html

    Also we would like to know why you will not attend to our rF-nights. (Game, Mods, Tracks, Settings) Feedback is really appreciated to help us deciding how to make rFactor as successful as Evo
  2. i really like rF, it's a totally different flavour to evo...

    one problem, as i see it, is there aren't enough events... i'd like to see a bustling event schedule like we have with evo... that would also mean embracing a coupla more mods to keep the variety up... which ones though, i don't know... of course, more events, means we need more drivers!

    if patrick would need some more help for this - i'm totally willing to work with rF as well as evo...
  3. Yes, but it becomes a frustrating job to keep organising more events when we have had to cancel events due to only one or two people turning up.

    The key right now is to understand why the current events aren't being supported, and what do we (Patrick) have to do to get more support.
  4. Since I'm in the US, Euro time zone races are a no go for me during the week. If I'm able to I'll try to make some weekend races. Would like to run some of the Historic mods like F1 55 & GP79, Bathurst Legends, Spirit of 76 and Legends Cars. And old style tracks.:thumb:
  5. My personal reason is the choice of mods, F1, PCC,HistoricX & Megane

    I find these quite difficult cars to drive and this deters me to be honest as one of the slower guys and im sure other slow ones like me would have the same problem and dont find it fun if im fighting with the car for the whole race to be honest.

    So like Andrew said i think more events and mod choice would attract higher numbers possibily ?

    Maybe a poll with some mods might give an indication to what people might like to see ?
  6. I really like rF, I'd like to attend every PCC race but currently I'm having problems at work and don't have time to play. I don't usually attend the races with other mods because:

    F1 - way too fast for my skill
    HistoricX - I don't have GTL
    Megane - I just don't like the mod
  7. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Thanks for the feedback so far, please keep it coming guys.

    Especially mods and race-settings (short/endurance/pitstops/etc) are welcome for our planners to deal with.
  8. I would like to see some races with Bathurst legends, Nagt and the Legends cars mods. It would be nice if we could try some tracks like Bathurst, Rouen, Varano,Vallelunga and so on. Tracks that are not so much used on regular bases.
    I would like to see pit stops but same time races could be between 45-60 minutes maximum.

  9. First of all, past few months were just too busy for me.
    But - some weekday races would be great, and I have to agree with guys above that some "easier to drive" mods would be great.
    I'm a big fan of endurance racing, so definitely races with pitstops.
    NAGT would be cool, GP2 is fun to drive as well, maybe some GT/prototype mods?

    I'm very happy to see that there's a discussion going on and you are not letting the rF part of RD die..
  10. i would agree that, of the two mods i usually run on, both would be considered tough... the f1s are insane and break at the slightest touch... the pccs are a LOT of hard work... both mods are immense fun - but i can see how something easier going might have a wider appeal...

    also, running the historicx requires gtl - which precludes a lot of people (my self included)...

    there's already a lot of nice suggestions for alternative mods in this thread - and it's only a download to expand our mod porfolio - so i'd like to see about 4 new options for us to be able to jump into...

    if you look at the "who wants to endurance race?" poll.. it's got about 40 yes votes now... so we have the numbers out there to fill the fields...
  11. Anyone object to the 2CV's ? :D
  12. Get some off roader mod on a dirt track on the go I say!
  13. Im getting poised to grab myself a copy of rF,i know some guys that really swear by the Historix mod,i liked the look of a 1995 Indycar mod reviewed by Shaun on ISR,and that NAGT looked like the complete package of quality as well, a bit of 2CV racing for the Whoot! :p :thumb:.
  14. VW Lupo Cup 2003 for some close racing.

  15. They would be a giggle although i could probably walk faster :)
  16. If people would like to get familiar with an easier but fun mod,check out the bmw 1 challenge. http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=BMW 1 Challenge 2006 :becky: For myself I love the rf and I am one of those back'o'dagrid kinda guys and yes some mods are very hard to drive. But in there defense they also make you a better driver. I would like to race gtl or there mods on rf,but sadly it does not run on vista and to buy the game just to race the mods seems a bit senseless. The best I can do is show up for as many races and hope people start jumping in again. Keep it up Patrick:thumb::thumb::thumb:.
  17. I am still keen on the HistoriX mod, and we have already had a few well attended Abarth events. Maybe we will get more interest by starting with some of the easier one design cars in this mod.

    Hint hint Patrick, I am still hoping for a Mini 1310 event at (say) Mid Ohio chicaned. Hint hint. Remember. :evil:
    These look great, are pretty easy for everyone to slip into, would give close racing, and the track is brilliant. And of course, I might even turn up. :becky:
  18. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    To confirm, yes we will not let rFactor die on RD. But we want more drivers in our events. More drivers is more fun.
    So if we have to change our mods, we will to get higher numbers.

    Patrick is mainly in charge of rFactor, but I feel we all have to help him to get rFactor going.

    PS. I would indeed also like Lupos or the old Historics Mini's on a funny track. Oulton?
  19. every mod who requiers the GTL cd will render me out since i dont have, and with so much nice Evo events i barly check the rfactor section. maybe i should do more often
  20. My 5 cents:

    I consider rFactor simply the better game compared to GTR Evo.
    The simulation and the multiplayer mode seems more sophisticated and I just enjoy start rFactor without having to wait for steam handling these gcf-files and other stuff making the game slow to load. It's sometime reminding me to old C64 Datasette times :)

    I really love the F1 MMG 2007 Mod and join PCC or Megane races just to get the opportunity to participate in rFactor races.

    HistoricGT also is a good mod to have fun in the old cars that I once had in my quartetts (or what is the card game called in Engl. ?) those days when I was a little boy :)
    Thats also the reason that I love the M1 ProCar Mod for.. and driving the M1 with its 6 cyl. sound is just awsome !
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