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Rfactor demo

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by David, Sep 24, 2008.

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  1. Tried the demo and diden't think it was that great.Is the full version alot better than the demo.Need some input before i commit to buy.Love GTR-EVO is this sim on par with that:)
  2. I got it only for the mods. There are a ton made for it. Check the mod section here and at rFactor Central and try a few.:thumb:
  3. David

    The Demo is a Demo.
    Find a friend that have the game and race with 3 or 4 mods.
    After that, all your serious races will be with rFactor.

    I have GTR, GTR2, RACE 07, GTR EVO, GTL, GPL, etc
    and rFactor is "the simulator"

    Try racing with all the help in off. And you see that you have a racing car in your hands.

    Best regards
  4. I have RFACTOR and i love it although there arent alot of events here at Race department its a good game to play offline becasue the AI Can be much more aggresive and faster than the AI on Race 07.
  5. rF is lovely - though a completely different beastie to GTRe....

    it feels more hardcore than GTRe - but doesn't feel as warm or as polished as GTRe... probably because most of the content comes from third parties...

    bascially, if you're looking for something else to drive, that you can't get your hands on in GTRe, then rF is a good choice for not a lot of cash... we regularly run F1 & Porsche mods on RD as well as others such as Meganes and HistoricX and always open to suggestions - though our rF grids are a little thin atm due to EVOmania sweeping the world!
  6. The demo is not too good, as others have advised try the full game with some good mods and you will be able to judge the game allot better.

  7. without mods it s normal
    buy it, install mods , like MMG F1 for example and drive
    you'll not regret
  8. yes, i agree with Alex you need to install some mods to gain the benefits of this sim.

    out of the box and the things rubbish,mmg 2007 f1,historic mod,meganes and porche's to name a few and so many tracks to download this sim get's better and better.
    MMG are doing a 2008 f1 mod but not sure when that'll be finished,i'm looking forward to this one as the car sounds from 2007 are outstanding.

    as i'm new to this forum not sure if i can say where to get all the mods from.
  9. If it is directed to legal mods like Rfactorcentral you can. No ripped mods plz.
  10. rFactor is very much mod dependent

    If you stumble on a rubbish mod then you will be dissapointed but really polished mods like CTDP 05 or the Megane Trophy, you won't be dissapointed.

    However, I have found that the default FFB is lacking and it only seems to suit the default cars, some FFB tweaking is needed to get the best out of it. FAiling that theres always the 2 FFB plugins out that you could try out and see.
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