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rFactor Club?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Kjell Eilertsen, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Sorry if this has been asked before, skimmed the first page and didn't see it so here it goes;
    Why is there no rFactor Club racing going on? Considering the sheer amount of mods for the first installment of the game and the current state of rF2, isn't there enough people interested in racing to keep the club for rF1 going?
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  2. I'd be up for a race or two. Mods like DRM, Porsche Supercup and EnduRacers; it'd be a sin to forget them.
  3. I would also be up for some rF1 races, unfortunately I'm unable to run rF2 on my laptop.
  4. Seems i (sadly) have to turn to other sites / communities to race rF1, not much interest here :(
  5. Indeed, do you have any recommendations for rF1 communities? I'm quite keen on the Enduracers mod.
  6. It's against the rules to post about other sites so sorry I can't, even if I could I haven't found one that I've tried racing with yet.
  7. @Kjell Eilertsen @Danny Clarke @Mark Birney

    It's against the rules to post other sites but I do know a site that has started recently that has great potential. I am a moderator there and can tell you the admin is great and well worth the time we race endurance mostly but we are open to suggestions. The opening event on the first of May was in the DRM mod.
    If your interested still I could email or something or DM or something and I can get you the link.
  8. Thanks for the tag, but I have since left rFactor completely and am now enjoying other sims. :)
  9. No worries. Just thought I'd notify you