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rFactor clock and game speed running just 1/3 of normal?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Don Fleming, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. Well, here's a new one.. Have been an rFactor racer for years now, great fun, but now my two installs I just tested are both running the clock speed at about 1/3 normal. Cars are WAY sluggish, physics is off, gotta fix this [​IMG] [​IMG]. Have a nice modern dual core pent PC, clock in lower rt tray running fine. This started some days ago. Suspect a PC setting impacting rF game? Any idears on this?
    -I'll add I recently downloaded EnduranceSeries mod to one install, and raced Online pickup racing lots last wknd on these folk's server, SO FUN!. Hope it did not clobber my rF settings some how

    Wa. st. USA
  2. Both, or at least one of the installs, is a LITE type - the best rF install to use I gotta add. I have a FULL install also, tonite I can check & besure both types have the glitch.
    This happens both online server racing (where I see "syncing game" repeatedly in chat window, and other racers appear/disappear, I must be a menace to them..). Also in offline test or wknd mode.
  3. As so often we see, a reboot fixed thee.. Hope its rare, cause if so I wont care
    Looking fwd to some server racing this wknd!
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I am running a quadcore with windows 7 since last week and in the beginning i had the syncing game message as well

    By default this system runs in auto mode choosing the lowest possible performance to save energy (yeah environment :D) and i have found out after a tip from Ramon to set the performance of the system higher and the message disappears and the game runs so good its almost real
  5. you should try Crysis or something Bram, stress that system a bit :D
  6. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Just played GTR E and it froze up again so stress enough with a league coming up :(
  7. dAMN :confused2:

    Dunno if your on nvidia now or not, but if so tried 190.62 drivers?
  8. oh dear :(

    maybe time to go ATI, i got a 4890 when i built my new pc and did a race at Brands Indy (which always caused me problems before) and everything maxed out with a full server it ran perfect :)
  9. Ive been searching for a post here about commands to add to the startup icon target to utilise dual core,i remember the first part was "+ highproc" but there was another command as well,anyone know these?.
    Also i cant find the info on helping out with the online lobby and switching off auto log on to the chat lobby.
    A sticky of these infos and some others would be a good thing i think :good:.
  10. Hi Gary just saw your post. Add this after the exe, make sure there is a space and then add this. hope it helps. This is what I have>

    C:\Games\rFactor\rFactor.exe +fullproc +highprio
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