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rFactor central question?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by ScuderiaBirel, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. once i download a mod from rfactorcentral.com
    it goes to my documents folder, i then extract it to C:\Program Files\rFactor. this technique works sometimes but most of the time it does ont work at all.
    any thoughts? and how do you download tracks? also how do you patch files and get the update rfactor version 1.25???
    Thank you very much, im not very good with computers btw.
    Thanks again...
  2. Hello, i never direct extract to the Rfactor folder. some tracks and mods have double named folders . Best is extract to a download folder and just copy the files to the Rfactor folder. Only overwrite the ones with the same name .
    Try it ;)
    any official patches can be found at www.rfactor.net . including 1250 patch
  3. Thanks for the reply,
    so just make a folder and extract the rar files to that folder?
    how do you copy it to rFactor???
    after i have downloaded the patches what do i do next???
    sorry for the basic questions, Thanks Again!
  4. Here is my guide which has been edited for public use!

    First of, make a folder in 'My Documents' called 'rFactor Downloads', this is where you will be saving all rFactor downloads.

    EXE's: The easiest! When you download the installer to your new folder (it may be RAR'ed up, so if it is right click it and select 'Extract Here') click the icon and 'send' it to were it tells you to... this is usually the rFactor root folder for cars and your 'Locations' folder for tracks.

    Cars: Quite easy! When you download the file to your new folder, you should have a WinRAR file. Right click this and select 'Extract Here'. You now have the files in your 'rFactor Downloads' folder called 'GameData' and 'rFm'. You may have a few more like 'Movie Files' and 'UIData'... you do the same thing anyway.

    Open up your rFactor root directory... in a different window of course (C:/Program Files/rFactor in theory), and just cut and paste the 'GameData', and 'rFm' files straight in (and any others that have come with it), when it asks you to overwrite, click 'Yes to All', and there you go, go racing with your new mod! When a new car update comes out, it will be in the same folder structure as 'GameData' blah blah blah... and you just do as normal, making sure you press 'Yes to All' when it tells you to overwrite!

    Tracks: Hardest! When you download the file to your new folder, you should have a WinRAR file. Right click this and select 'Extract Here' (Lets pretend we are doing Norisring). You should now have the file in your 'rFactor Downloads' folder called Norisring or similar. Open up that folder and if it has a main folder in and a couple of small files, you just need to go back and cut and paste your first Norisring folder into your 'Locations' folder (C:/Program Files/rFactor/GameData/Locations in theory). Then you are done!

    BUT if it has a poor file structure (you have to go through loads of folders to get to the main folder and small files together) you just go back one from the main folder and small files (just like we did before really), and there you go! Go race your new car on your new track!
  5. thanks for the help,
    i think i understand most of the very helpfull information.
    but when i do the process for track, the track is listed on rfactor but then once i try to play the circuit an error comes up and then rfactor shuts down...
    are exe's updates???
    Thanks again, sorry for the dumb questions.
  6. Np :) usually a exe is a self installing programm, so it will install in C/programfiles/Rfactor.
    If you install tracks just extract to C/programfiles/Rfactor/locations.
    check always if the track is only one folder NOT !!! C/programfiles/Rfactor/locations/monza/monza this will give you errors.
    if its correct it should be C/programfiles/Rfactor/locations/Monza.
    And make sure you have the right version of the track when you enter a server,there are diffrent track versions installed.
    Good luck !
  7. When you play the circuit (online) it will only come up with errors because you haven't got the right version installed which the server is using!
  8. That will usally not result in a game crash Mickey
  9. How does one do that?
  10. Sorry I did not read correctly but I 100% know the problem!

    Do a fresh re-install of rFactor and all the mods that were installed incorrectly will be removed... then you can install the mods correctly then you will be set to go! :)

    You can have the right version of mod just by getting the LATEST version off rFactor Central!

    If this does not solve the crashing error I will personally shoot my own foot.
  11. hmmm..., maybe you will get alot of pain Mikey.... :)
    If you are going to shoot your own foot :)
  12. pmsl ... :D
  13. A same guy on RSC had exactly the same problem where he had random crap in his rFactor folder. A re-install will defiantly work if ScuderiaBirel installs the mods again correctly using the tips we provided him! :)
  14. Indeed ,another option is to download a modmanager. Some mods have problems running together when all are enabled.
    I usually have two mods active and so no problems getting any errors.
    And !!! it saves a lot of time loading the game.

    Here is the modmanager-------
  15. Modmanager again :hippie:

    Attached Files:

  16. Yes I use that too. Quicker loading times too, nice one Escargo! :)

    But how does he know which mod has got the mixed files in...it may still show up in the mod manager! I am telling you a re-install of rFactor is not hard... especially when it is on the same machine! :)

    Good luck with whatever! Download the mod manager and see if that helps! :)

  17. Well, enable 1 mod and start the game. Then enable another mod ,and so on till an error comes up . Last enabled mod is the bad guy :cool:
    Just reinstall that 1.
  18. Hmmm but surely if you just re-install it the bad files would still be there... it would be hard to delete every single file because they are all in the wrong place!
  19. No ,because Fsone has a uninstaller so no files will stay.
    And i think its the Fsone mod that gives the problem.
    I know more ppl have problems with the Fsone mod.
    But we will see what happens.
    Buzinator has to do whatever he feels is right.:cool:
  20. Ahhh OK. :)
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