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Rfactor BTB Track path

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Sérgio Marques, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Why the Rfactor BTB track path have so many files,

    Comparing with the most track path, like this one:

    When we want to share a track is necessary to send all this files or is there another way?
  2. When you release a track you pack all the textures into one .mas file and all the gmt files into another .mas file, so there are few files in the finished track folder.

    You can get the .mas file packer software from the rFactor website, or you can do it in 3dSimEd.
  3. Another way in which the number of files can build up is when you stop using the 'Clear Folder' option when exporting. When you export, a file is created for every object, and textures will have several files, etc. If you delete the object/texture from within BTB and export again, the files from the previous export will remain in the folder. Of course you won't want to clear the folder if, as is your case, you have several tracks in the BobsTrakcBuilder location. Instead you can manually delete the files from the specific track folder. If you create a .mas file, you'll still want to only include the files which are still being used by your track.
  4. After I get the GMas File Utility and done with it one file call xxxxxDDS.mas with all mas files and another file call xxxxxGMT.mas with all GMT files, then I delete from that folder all the DDS and GMT files.

    This is how the folder look now:

    but when I load the track in rfactor it still ask for those DDS and GMT files:


    Something wrong, for sure.
  5. change the file pointer to pointed to the mas file. has it can't find anything once you mas file it up.

  6. That was exactly what it was missing, now it works great, Thanks to you all for the help!
  7. Anu idea where this tool can be downloaded from? I have checked both rFactorcentral and rFactor.net but can't seem to find it. Alternatively is there another way to reduce the file numbers?

  8. Look here <<<
  9. Thanks for the quick reply.