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rFactor Basic internet connection problem

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by DiamondLogic, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. Can someone please help.. me and my cousin are trying to connect and race over the internet using rFactor, we both have computers running vista and have opened the firewall ports for TCP and UDP for rFactor exceptions.

    in 'Connect/Join' we can both see the 'Server list', 'Friends list' and 'Lobby chat' areas that seem to work fine, so I then Create a race and give it a name without password, and my cousin then tries to Join but he does not see our race listed in the rFactor 'Server list'..

    But nothing in rFactor's Connect/Setting seems to work, when I try 'Hosting test' I get 'could not determine the status of your connection'.. when I try 'RC register' I get 'could not connect to registration server'..

    What are we doing wrong or not doing?

    Thank You
  2. You could try changing the Multiplayer.ini file setting 'Concurrent Server Updates' from the default 400 to 1000. Sometimes servers won't show until several refreshes later also.
  3. Thanks Ryan

    I have changed the muiltyplayer.ini
    Concurrent Servers = 1000
    and also
    Announce Allowed = 1
    Announce Host = 1
    to bypass the host test and will try it out tomorrow..
  4. Yes multiplayer.ini sorry not PLR. You managed to figure it out anyway :)
  5. if your still having problems use Hamachi and connect using that, works so much easyer than trying to setup a server as you can connect by an IP address with rFactor.
  6. I have applied the muiltyplayer.ini changes and now he can see our race in the rFactor track list but when he tries it he's getting 'Join Timed out'.
  7. About this Hamachi, do we both have to have it installed to get it to work?.. and how do I tell rFactor to work through Hamachi..
  8. How high is the ping for him?
    And uses he the correct password?
  9. Sorry Ivo.. I didn't notice that you had left a message..
    Password, to make it easy I didn't use a password, is it better if I do?
    Ping, as it's a bit late I will ask him tomorrow..
  10. Nigel.. I do thank you for your info Hamachi, it looks a very useful program (when I get to understand it), I have downloaded and installed LogMeIn Hamachi2, I have moved it to the top of my network list and changed 9000 to 10, but what to do now to get rFactor running, I do not know..
  11. i don`t really now much about Hamachi m8, i wasen`t the person who set it up. i just had to install it on my pc search for his name and join his network then in rFactor use the IP option enter his IP and bingo i could join his game. i`ll ask him if he rembers how he set it up, but i`m prety sure someone else showed him how.
  12. All sorted now.. had to open ports on my router.. Thanks All..
  13. what ports did you open? I set my router to open ports 34447, 34397 and 34297, but they still show up as closed when i run rfactor :(