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rFactor add+multiply texture problem for neon lights

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Pangaea, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Hi folks..
    Im wondering if anyone could tell me if add/multiply works for rf. Ive searched extensively online for any reference to this and I simply cant find a single article, comment, nothing.. on the whole world wide web. So ive had to resort to spending many hours endlessly experimenting with different things

    I have come to the conclusion that rf cannot support such a feature or has major problems doing so, On the off chance Im doing something wrong, or im missing something obvious I thought ide post here to see if anyone had any advice on weather its possible or not, and if it is possible how to make it work. I have done this many times for rbr with no problems whatsoever, but its been so long i might have forgot the process of that needs to be done.

    Anyway ill post 3 pics, the first one is what i want..
    the 2nd pic is only 1 of about 50+ experiments (i cant possibly post them all here)
    the 3rd pic is another experiment...

    How it should look
    one of many rf efforts
    one of many rf efforts

    If anyone has any ideas, it would be fantastic, ive given up on it.

  2. wonderful
    works like a dream
    i thank you