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rFactor 2, worth it ?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by leffty, May 8, 2013.

  1. Hello
    I want to ask you if it's worth to buy rFactor 2. How could you compare this game vs F1 2012 ?
    I mean gameplay / graphic, etc
    The prices are 43.99 USD standard and 84.99 USD lifetime.
    What would you advice me, guys ? Just in case i order it, which one should i order ?
    Thanks in advance
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Can't compare rF2 to F1 2012 as they are two different genres imo.

    Both have their pro's and con's, just give it a try. If you are a passionate racer I am sure you'll like any racing game :)
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  3. Are there many online players ( F1 ) ?
    What would you recommend ? 43.99 USD standard or 84.99 USD lifetime ?
    Thank you
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Standard one has just one year of online subscription I think so for the long run you are better of with the lifetime package.

    To be honest I haven't played rFactor 2 a lot online lately so I am not sure how crowded the servers are at the moment. But I am sure there are enough regulars here on the forums that can answer that a lot better.
  5. Is there the single player option, as well ?
    Thanks, Bram :)
  6. Bruno Sousa Ferreira

    Bruno Sousa Ferreira
    Strategy Mister!

    Yes there is, At the moment RF2 is still in beta so you can't really expect lot's of people online, but once it's ready I'm sure you'll see in here and other places using this sim for running leagues etc.

    Also not all features are implemented fully and you can see a few bugs around, I personally not really using RF2 a lot, as this is more as an investment for the future of my simracing :).
  7. I see.
    And what about the final release of rFactor2 ?
    Thanks again
  8. I would love to know too, same as thousands of others when the final release will be.

    I bought the lifetime package on the day it came out. In the beginning it was crowded next with later builds peeps left as the development didn't go fast enough for their liking.. The last few builds made the game a lot better and now they bring out all their series out as standalone packages which make thinks a little messy at the moment as they are only half way doing that.

    For me there is no other racing title that gives me the sense of driving as rF2 does.
    I also love Race07, netKar Pro, Game Stock Car and GT Legends, but due to the little time available I never play them anymore.
    The racing sim on my list is Asseto Corsa, the tech demo is VERY promissing,

    I think rFactor 2 and AC will be THE sim race titles for the coming years.
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  9. hey Leffty,

    the final release is difficult to say, Rfactor 2 is an ongoing development game, they will be updating the game with features and content in the coming years. Once they will market the game, I guess the most important bugs are gone, they are working to that point, will be a few months. The bugs that are present now don't bug me that much.
    I think the main difference between the game is that F1 2012 is a graphical finished game totally dadicated to F1, so you have all the cars and tracks and all regulations working, and your able to do championships. The game has fine fysics for the platform it is made for, intended for the mass public.
    Rfactor2 focus more on every single type of racing, but tries to simulate as much as possible to reality, which they do a great job with it, imho the best simulation out there, aspecially with the fysics. besides that they have some unique features, like rubber on the road, tyre model which is the best out there, changing weather, drying line. Graphics are in my opinion good, but I guess not the best out there if i read other peoples opinion. At the moment you can't do a championship mode in offline. If you buy Rfactor2 just for F1, be aware that you don't have every track and car of the f1, you wont be "living the life" like in the codemasters game. But the car you do have with Rfactor2 (Marussia) is so good simulated, it's for me the best F1 car I drove in a game.
    There are a few tracks released of the F1 calander and the community will make them somewhere in the future.
    Like Bram said, 2 different games and not fair to compare, they are 2 different experiences and interpertations of racing.
    Me wanting the most closest thing to reality don't play anything else but Rfactor2, but it took me a while to get to speed with Rfactor2, as you really need to learn again how to drive, because you have the rubber, tyre degredation etc. Don't expect to be fast right away.
    In a few months they will have a demo you could try, and not sure but I believe at the moment you can buy the game and if you don't like it you can get a refund within the first month. But check that first.
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  10. MarcG


    a few points:
    1) its not a beta anymore, that ended months ago ;)
    2) online is quiet unless you sign up for a league or club races, the ones here at RD are good according to the locals (not raced myself) and fairly busy.
    3) the offline is great from my perspective, as with everything could be better but I've had many fun hours racing offline with various cars on various tracks.
    4) there wont be a "release day" or "gold" version so to speak, as said above its an ongoing development so there will be continous Builds and new official (not to mention user created) content coming out for years yet.
    5) Its got Real Road techonolgy, no other game has that...thats worth it alone :p

    My advice is grab the year sub and decide for yourself, you can always upgrade to a lifetime thereafter.
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  11. Just be aware that the option of going from 1 year to lifetime is something they might not offer in the future!

    I just emailed ISI to change it to lifetime, in the reply I got they say they offer that service at the moment, don't have plans to change it at the moment, but they state they can't guarentee they will offer that service in the future. They officially don't offer that service on their website, only if you read the forums you can find posts about it. I think they offered it for all the people who joined the beta from the beginning, when it was impossible to judge the game properly. ISI want people to choose right in the beginning.
  12. Yes, but i wish i could test it before. There should be some demo version, imo
  13. They are gonna release a demo, probably within a few months, they will release it when they feel the game is enough developed to market it to the public, which they are not doing at the moment. I think untill they release the demo you can purchase and ask a refund within a limited time frame. (1 or 2 months after purchase, see isi website, but check first if that is still the case, not sure about it, but my Rfactor2 startscreen still has an option for a refund)
  14. Gotta say after all the install poblems

    there must be some sort of thing I am missing here

    As nearly every car I drive feels like I am driving on ice, the slightest whiff of throttle on a Skippy or F2 and you are round, I don't remember it being this pathetically rubbish before

    Maybe my steering settings are wrong, but after a few laps I am still struggling to get round, and you are on tippy toe nearly every lap.

    Surely I must be missing something as right now this is largely unplayable
  15. it takes a while, you really need to learn again how to race, everyone has it, lots of practice. Make sure you have enough rubber on track, let ai drive 600 laps and try again. Every car needs to be driven differently to be fast. Clean driving and throttle control is really important. go onboard with ai and see when they brake, throttle etc.
    A lot of people say it has the best physics out there, quite a contrast:) It's different for everyone I guess, everyone just have to try for themselves.
    I have a G25, forcefeedback strenght 1,5 and ffb smoothing 5. Fiddeling around with it can make a huge difference in feel. And try some setups from the forum, also helps.
  16. Ian is right, it takes some getting used to. It's probably easier to adapt to if you have experience with Grand Prix Legends, iRacing or something like that but, the grip level will increase with more rubber being laid down and that is quite a unique feature.
  17. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    Maybe you have a similar problem that I do on rf2, which is the ffb telling you that you are driving on ice even if you have acceptable grip-levels available.

    The actual grip is usually getting to expected levels as soon as the track is rubbered in for a longer period of time, maybe except for low-speed sections which are a bit extreme sometimes.

    But my personal problem is that I don't get enough info about available grip through my ffb and pretty much no info at all about what my rear is doing in general or about traction whilst accelerating and also about braking ;(

    Makes it very hard to be fast or even consistent for me and it involves a lot of remembering exact reactions of the car in various situations, instead of beeing able to anticipate the reactions of the car by feel.
    It all requires tons more practice and can become a bit frustrating sometimes, but since I see a lot of guys not experiencing that problems, I'll simply continue practicing and so should you :D
  18. I bought this last night and have spent about 6 hours with it so far.

    Mostly, I like it. I like the FFB, and it's nice to have a lively front end. I particularly like the feel of the GT-R. Some cars are a real challenge to drive, and it can feel like RBR if I'm being particularly clumsy :)

    However, the game is obviously nowhere near being finished.

    First impressions weren't good. The GTRs looked like they were covered and mud and the entire colour pallette was really washed out. I maxed all the graphics settings and that helped.
    I then tried a Clio race at Lime Rock and it was like someone was releasing a smoke bomb an the tight double apex bend. Every lap there was excessive smoke from ai lock-ups.
    I downloaded the Mills Metro course and the shadows there are crazy. There is a huge black rectangle that obscures part of the view nearly all the way around. I had to turn shadows off.

    While those are bearable, the killer for me is the lack of performance. There is quite a lot of micro stutter on certain bends which I can't shift. Initially, I had vsych off like nearly every other racing game but this produced stutter and jerky movements. Video v-synch helped remove some of the jerkiness but not the stutter. I'm now running with D3Doverrider with triple buffer v-synch but the stutter still won't go. Fraps records 60fps constantly with the rare drop to 57 or so but it's obviously not running a smooth 60fps. I turned a few graphic options down but that made no difference so I'm back at most things maxed (apart from shadows). I have a 3570k (@4.2 GHz) and a 7850 so my PC should be ok. I'm on Catalyst 13.3 (I think).

    So, in summary, I can see the potential with this game and what works, works really well. Its handling makes all my other games feel a bit sterile. But, I've spent £30 which is double GSC2012 (as an example) and I don't think it's earned the right to be sold at this price considering the state it is in at the moment. Unless I can get the stutter sorted, I will probably get a refund and come back and look at in 12 months time, or wait until someone like Reiza use it.

    Also, do ISI host the online servers?
  19. You can check the ISI forums for possible solutions to the stuttering, more people encountered them and found a solution.this one for example: http://isiforums.net/f/showthread.php/5260-Read-this-if-you-have-in-game-stuttering
    Some people have it more than others, I believe ATI cards seems to have that problem, Nvidea not so much. They have a lot of polishing to do, so if not satisfied now with the quality and you can't find a solution for stuttering waiting is not a bad solution. ISI don't host servers online, in my view not nescesary because you have websites/servers like racedepartment. Not sure if the game will ever have a constant framerate, 3 framerates difference doesn't sound much to me.
  20. Thanks, I'll check the forums out.

    The micro stuttering is while Fraps is reporting a solid 60fps (not the odd drops to 57). Basically, the game is averaging 60fps but the frames are not being displayed evenly during the second. So it might be dropping to the equivalent of 30 fps and then up to 90fps but all within the second. It's very distracting.

    The reason I mentioned ISI hosting servers is to understand why there is a payment to race online (whether the one-off payment or yearly top-ups).
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