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rFactor 2 will be a whole lot different from rFactor 1

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Bram, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I am more and more getting the feeling that rFactor 2 will be a whole lot different from the current rFactor. With the announcement of the ARCA 2 yesterday and the birth of Reiza Studios i think rFactor will be more a central place for top quality modders that offer their content for free or on subscriptional base.

    With the autosport industry (Ferrari for example) taking action against mod groups for some reason i think rFactor cannot longer continue the way it was.

    I don't even think it will be named rFactor2. Why was rFactorcentral sold on the fly? Why are SRW not continueing on the name rFactor? etc...

    The more facts i read and combine the more i think this will be a complete makeover and not longer the rFactor as we know it today.

    I am looking forward to it
  2. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Conspiracy theory :)
  3. Well if companies are clamping down on free mods, how are they going to feel about mods we pay for? Unless they get a slice of the pie? Which will shoot prices up. This is the way gaming is going - fewer and fewer new games, more and more 'expansions' and 'micro-transactions'.

    SRW are not continuing with the rFactor name because they intend(ed) to encompass all sims.
  4. I don't think rF2 will be that different to rF1 - mainly because ISI can't control what happens. The modding community would have to change and I don't see any evidence that it is.

    Ferrari haven't taken any action against modders - only against a commercial game. The Bizzarrini action against Butch can't really be interpreted as the beginning of the end.

    As for the ARCA 2 announcement - how is that different to the original ARCA? ARCA used rF1 as an engine but was standalone. ARCA 2 will use rF2 as an engine but will be standalone. 2Pez use rF1 for standalone titles as is the latest Superleague Formula. I don't see anyone making paid-for mods for rF2 - they will buy the engine and sell a stand-alone game.

    The main difference seems to be that rF2 will probably ship with licensed content such as the Renaults, while rF only added licensed content as free patches/add-ons (BMW F1 and Panoz) released some time after it first shipped.
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I stand corrected, didn't know it was Bizzarrini :)
  6. Future race programs

    I've enjoyed the current rFactor and ARCA sims with my league. A league I have been involved with since '04. I have loved them all over the years! (GPL, F1C, NR2003, rF, GTL whatever)
    I am always ready for any improvement in graphics, physics and multiplayer online capibilities. I hope is remains highly "moddable" too!
    I too, hope rFactor2 will be a whole lot different from rFactor...so the oval rules with be good. I like stock car racing online alot, but I am a road car racer/lover at heart. :)

    When rF2 comes out in 2010 it will be w the latest ISI g2motor. Like ARCA has now. Right?
    Question#2 is; will Stock Car Evolution be included in the program (game) as a default mod? I would hope so.
    And you would only buy it one time! Like we always have. :D (sorry iRacing fans)

    So the new SimFactory Stock Car Sim, will be including some Trucks and Cup cars (most likely) and who knows what else in 2010 and down the road from year to year.... for an annual co$t. :tongue:
    In my opinion, the "SimFactory Stock Car Sim" will have a hard sell if rF2 comes out with Stock Car Evolution included.
  7. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    No it will be a whole new engine! :) Gmotor3. Also ARCA 2 will have that engine.
  8. Pffft brand new engine my foot :p
  9. I am happy to pay for current verions of all AUSTRALIAN V8SUPERCAR TRACKS, if it is packaged as, say, Track Pack: 2011.....the guys at FVR are doing a great job at the moment. Say, all the tracks will be released by about 4-5 different chaps, then combile thier efforts together, give them the credit they deserve, and release it as a FULL PACKAGE.........
  10. Speaking of modders who are now selling their work for the rFactor game... does the name A. Balanesko mean anything to you? I have encountered mixed reports concerning his work besides my own experience I just had. I just want to prevent people (including myself:) from making wrong choices.
    I am quite new and I see that you have a great knowledge of sim racing. Any advice on where to look for the best mods would be greatly appreciated.
    My compliments to the Administrator for this super Racedepartment site! I am also very much looking forward to getting rFactor 2.
  11. No. When rF2 comes out in 2010 it will have a newer engine than the one in ARCA now. ARCA has the same engine as rFactor 1.
  12. rf1,arca,gtr2,gtl,race-series use all Gmoto2

    rf2 will use gmoto3 or whatever ISI will call this engien
  13. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    ARCA will also be upgraded at some point with ARCA 2 coming somewhat close after rF2.
  14. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Was 2010 confirmed ? :tongue:
  15. I hope sometime soon. We really need something new and fresh. I like the good ole' gmotor games but am having a hard time keeping interested with their dated look. So much more should be possible now both with physics and graphics.

    I've REALLY been hoping for something new from Simbin (lizard engine.. NO MORE ADDONS!). Lets hope the new coming Fia GT game will be by Simbin and on the Lizard engine :D
  16. Gonna take a long long time before this will be released though...2010 ? Maybe december lol
  17. Fixed :)
  18. Why?

    They're already at v0.7 ?
    I'm thinking late 2010, maybe early 2011.
  19. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Those version numbers don't say much. Some developers hop from 0.1 to 0.9 in a few days. Others take months to go from 0.1.1 to 0.1.2 :) Lets hope they reach version soon :)
  20. Gjon says in the vid he hopes for a 2010 release but the rest of the team is loughing hard at him for this