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rFactor 2 subscription fees

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Harvey, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. I thought it was $12 a year?
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  2. Indeed. And for the first 12 months ( 18 if you buy it when the beta comes out) is already included in the price.
    And remember the $12 is for the use of matchmaker not to play the game.
  3. matchmaker aims best on server solutions, right ? Then it wouldn't really matter that much imo to gave them a bit over the course for having something on their server bills back up, otherwise they will probably run an extinsive advertising campaign in between anywhere you go online. Something like Server Side Built in Advertising you can find in many days nowadays to regain some of the costs.
  4. Where is this Public Knowledge you speak of??? Can you please provide a link tot he official ISI release info that states it, as we were of the opinion of the others above..
  5. Yes, sorry. It is actually $12 a year. I was up late and very tired when I wrote the OP and Brian has posted the link. Sorry about that also, I should have put it up.
  6. I have edited the original post and it is now all in order ...Sorry.
  7. Subscription fees aside to answer your question Harvey. ORSM intends to convert all V8factor Unleashed content for RF2 including our currently unreleased material.
  8. Yes, but if you guys are adding content and they are charging people to use it, doesn't that open up a legal can of worms?
  9. The fee is only to play the game online. You can play it offline without paying a yearly fee.
  10. You are paying a fee to use the server matchmaker service, you are not paying a fee to use mods. As far as I can see mods will still be freely available and can be used offline without any fee
  11. You need to stop for a minute and think like a lawyer. Intellectual property is being used and meanwhile ISI are charging a fee to use it. It doesn't matter if the intellectual property is being provided for free, ISI are charging people to use it online. Team ORSM wouldn't be liable, it is ISI who could be in trouble because they are making profit off the back of something that is not-for-profit intellectual property. Whichever way you slice it, ISI would be making money from something they don't own the rights to. I think they might have realised this and thats possibly why they have taken the page down where they announced the $12.99 annual fee.
  12. Following this line of thinking, your ISP should also be in trouble for charging you a fee to use their service while you are using someone else's intellectual property. Race Department could make millions!
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  13. How could Race Department make millions? Your ISP couldn't be held liable because any intellectual property that is posted on the web is owned by the company that puts it up. Totally different kettle of fish.
  14. Deleted.
  15. They are not charging for people to use content. They are charging for the use of the matchmaker service that has many other benefits to the end user, such as automatically downloading files that you don't have, thus preventing dreaded mismatches.

    Using your argument, I could say that ISI has already been profiting from others' intellectual property by charging for rFactor with the intent of it being used as a mod platform.

    But, because the matchmaker feature has nothing to do with the actual use of user-created content, and because the fee is so marginal, I see no reason why ORSM's intellectual property would be compromised.
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  16. quoted post edited, move along, nothing to see here :9
  17. Deleted too...
  18. Exactly. I have said the same many times.

    By the way, Beta is avaliable. I´m already waiting for V8factor ;) . But don´t rush, just make a good job.