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rFactor 2 Open Beta (pre-release discussion)

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Adam Eggbeer, Nov 3, 2011.

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  2. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff

    ISI today unveiled information about the pricing of rFactor 2 and the announcement of the highly anticipated open beta. This additional information comes a few days after the Q & A of a few days ago which caused a big discussion in our community. family.jpg
    What is the pricing structure for rF2?

    In the USA, rF2 will sell for $43.99. This will allow unlimited access to single player and mod development mode. It will also include one year access to an online account. Additional one year access to the online account can be purchased for $12.99.

    Why not simply raise the initial purchase price?
    That wouldn’t be fair to those wanting to use only the single player or mod development mode.

    What exactly are online services?
    Users will be given online accounts from which they can access multiplayer races. This should reduce the number of anonymous race entries and in turn hopefully reduce the number of passworded servers.

    The service will identify when updates are available and allow for automatic downloads.

    The service provides a way to generate and maintain unique Mod/Package ID’s. This should help reduce the mismatch problem found in the current version of rFactor and also help reduce/eradicate version confusion for the end user.

    Additional features such as online statistics are also planned.

    What will I be able to do if I don't use online services?
    You will be able to run single player, run Mod Mode, and manually find and install any mods or updates.

    What is this open beta I have been hearing about?
    We plan to release an early content-limited version for mod makers to provide feedback on the system. It will be an open beta, meaning anyone can participate. People wishing to take part will be required to make a full purchase (see pricing info above). We are planning to give those who take part in the open beta 18 months of online access with that purchase rather than the 12 months which will come with purchase after the open beta.

    Will you offer refunds during or after the open beta?
    If you believe you became a part of the rFactor 2 community too early we can arrange one.

    Stay tuned as there is a lot more to come soon. In the mean time learn more about this upcoming racing simulation by visiting our large rFactor 2 forums, the future home of awesome mods, friendly support and high quality online club and league races.
  3. That's a bit more than I expected. And no multiplayer after a year? Guess rFactor and I will remain strangers.
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  4. Thats very good pricing imo. 30 euro for the game is really cheap. And if you go in the beta (wich probably 80% will do) you get free online services for 18 months instead of 12 months. And to keep the online stuff after, you need to pay very little of 10 euro's a year. Wich is nothing imo. I am happy. :)
  5. You think the standard exchange rate will be used, optimist :D

    I'm not a fan. If one will have to pay every year to keep the multiplayer option, one would expect they would lower the initial price.
    Fixed 44$ would be a decent asking price, even for me. But for 44$, plus 13$ extra every year, I'll probably pass :frown:
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  6. Please read it correct Senad. ;)

    Its 30 euro for the game. And online stuff is included for the first year or 18 months if you are in the beta. After that
    you ones a year need to pay 10 euro of you want the online resources.

    30 euro is very cheap for every game. And after 18 months you need to pay 10 euro.
    If we already start to complain about 10 little euro's. I dont know anymore. ;)
  7. What did I not read correctly? After a year, I lose all the game features relevant to me, unless I pay again. And I'm not ready to go down that route yet :tongue:

    And I'm glad that's cheap for you, it's not that cheap for me :)
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  8. You better sell your simracing stuff if you cant pay 10 euro ones a year. ;)
  9. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Yeah 13 dollars a year is an incredible amount of money of course [/sarsasm off]. Lol Senad, this is mega cheap for a game that will run for years.

    Thx ISI!
  10. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    super cheap I think really good deal. When you consider the price it has cost most people to buy SimBin expansions every year to keep up to date then I think this is really competitive. At the side of the price that you pay for online and offline services in iR it's super cheap too.This sort of pricing structure is becoming more common across all gaming genres. It's the only way that developers will ever raise enough cash to continue innovating. I'll be pre-ordering as soon as it's available to. Roll on the beta! :D
  11. Adrian Britton

    Adrian Britton
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Thats a realy good deal, I have a monthly pro membership account with ISI and I pay $4.95 a month so thats $59.40 a year I am paying now. So to drop down to $12.99 a year after paying a $43.99 for the game is close to one years subscription now. So I guess it doesnt make any difference to what they are already doing, plus with the benefits of additional mods and updates, I am in, deffinetly.Does anyone know yet if they will be providing a disc version or will it all be downloaded?
  12. Its a buy.
  13. iRacing is offering a lot for their fees. All I see I'd be getting here is... the ability to play online. Which I feel like I should not be denied. Perpetual shareware.
    But I guess I'm alone there, so I'll quietly make myself scarce :D
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  14. Bruno Sousa Ferreira

    Bruno Sousa Ferreira
    Strategy Mister!

    I hope they use the exchange rate, because $42 bucks is quite cheap for a game of this calibre, and the yearly subscrition is not much TBH. (its basically a few turn of going to MCDonalds.)So not bad.
  15. Timothy Wheatley

    Timothy Wheatley
    Image Space Incorporated

    It's worth remembering the initial prices at iR compared to the initial features... ISI will do everything it can to make the online service worthy, and infact I personally think it's already very cool... The #1 thing that annoyed me personally about rF1 is fixed in the mod packaging system: It should revolutionize the delivery of mods and help users to know exactly what version(s) they need to be able to run in a server. It'll also be possible to install/uninstall/update mods and the sim from within the software and launcher.
  16. hopefully it will run good on nvidia hardware.
  17. Robert Wiesenmüller

    Robert Wiesenmüller
    The one and only Premium

    Hmmmm... It's not good you need to pay for services that were free before and are free in most other race games (I'm not talking about iRacing, I talk about games the average gamer can afford). On the other hand, this ID system sounds really helpful and the online accounts could help against rammers and cheaters. The game itself is not so expensive, and 13 € for a year is also okay (WoW players almost pay so much for one month), but I just don't like to pay again and again. Not sure if I'm gonna get it.
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  18. Not really. For the 360 you also need to pay i believe 40 euro a year for Gold to get the services. And nobody complains there. :)
    I think we sim racers are just abit spoiled with free content these last years. So alot of people are expecting it will be free forever. :)
  19. Must-buy game! Superb prices, I can afford them for sure. Thanks ISI! :)
  20. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury

    If I walked into a store and paid 40 something bucks for a game like this, I'd feel like I just stole something... Very, very fair pricing. And as for the 13 bucks a year for online, that's a steal as well. I gotta pay 7 dollars a month for Xbox live, so 13 for a year of amazing racing is insanely cheap.
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