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Featured rFactor 2 - New build and an updated Indianapolis

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Alex Franchini, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. rFactor 2 Monaco.jpg
    Image Space Incorporated has released the new build for rFactor 2 bringing a load of improvement and fixes to the PC simulator.

    It seems like ISI is going to "export" the game rules into separate plugins. Apparently this feature is still in development, so user feedback will be certainly helpful. The update also applies many optimizations to the AI and the graphics of the game.

    In other news, ISI has released just this week an updated version of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (download here). Stay tuned in the next days for a review of rFactor 2's current incarnation, taking into account the stream of updates the developer has published in the last year!

    Here's the full changelog:

    • This build represents the first major step in migrating our game rules out of the base game and into plugins. This system is intended to allow easy adjustment of rules for your races without waiting for ISI to add or develop them. We're still working on this, so feedback is very welcome. NEW PLUGIN SYSTEM RELEASED.
    • Max vehicles for the All Cars & Tracks default mod was increased to 45.
    • Added a configurable control for "Skip Formation" (but if none is configured, the Space key will be used).
    • Added AI self-preservation reaction to preventing tipping.
    • Increased effect AIW parameter AISpec has on AI acceleration and max speed.
    • Added cockpit readouts "BESTLAP" and "LASTLAP" for modders to use.
    • Clean up of AI multiline pack driving. More tolerance of nearby cars when slowingly moving towards grid or pit spots.
    • Assume any future Thrustmaster wheel will need its FFB direction reversed and do so automatically. If for some reason that is not desired, open up the Controller.JSON file and set "Steering Effects Strength" to 9999 instead of 10000.
    • FOV now stored per (exact) vehicle.
    • Added steering wheel ranges to plugin telemetry.
    • Now recognizing GDB track type of "Oval" in addition to the original types "Superspeedway", "Superspeedway Oval", "Speedway", "Speedway Oval", "Short Track" and "Short Track Oval". Despite all these choices, the app code doesn't actually differentiate them, other than to identify these track types as not being a "Road Course". The main differences in behaviors between ovals and road courses are 1) whether the spotter works (oval only), 2) whether formation/caution lines are called "inside/outside" (ovals) or "left/right" (road courses), 3) auto-shifting and AI shifting behavior, and 4) some scoring things that will soon be obsolete because they will be controlled by plugins rather than the app code
    • Added a plugin interface to view some pit menu data. Currently, you can only change the pitstop choices by using this in conjunction with CheckHWControl().
    • Expanded the virtual vehicle creation to optionally include vehicle description and vehicle number.
    • Adjustment parameters for multiview are now available in config.ini. You must manually edit the values in this file until the in-game tool is available. You can revert to the original multiview method by setting UseSubViewParams to 0. Setting UseSubViewParams to 1 assumes a symmetric setup and will use the ViewParams for all viewports. Exit the sim, edit config.ini and restart for settings to take effect.
    • Forcing vehicle body collision model to be below a certain limit now (automatically LOD'ing if necessary). This is done for performance reasons.
    • Fix for the "WCCLOUD.GMT" multiplayer loading error.
    • Fixed mod sig missing when server publishes to matchmaker.
    • Fixed some controller detection and rearrangement issues.
    • Addressed issue where a matrix in AI physics drifted away from being orthogonal.
    • Some improvements/fixes to replay and resume-from-replay for non-race sessions.
    • Hopeful fix for skin transfer icon mistakingly showing successful completion of a skin that didn't.
    • Gold playerfile now stores Mod name instead of RFM file name for "Game Description", since we can't guarantee that each mod will have a unique rfm name. (potentially resulting in multiplayer issues when a client loads the wrong rfm file and joins).
    • Fixed AI tendency to sometimes decelerate needlessly while transitioning from main path to pit path.
    • Fixed issue when a client loses their connection during a race and rejoins, and then subsequently the race is restarted, the client didn't know their correct grid location.
    • Fix for driver editor so you can go back to main menu from track specific parameters menu.
    • Added camera editor ablity to change trackside carema names. Created AI limiter slider gizmo.
    • Look for digital flags up to the number of corner workers so that track builders don't need to name digital flags consecutively.
    • Fixed potential bug with custom rFm file when creating mod with wizard.
    • In multiplayer cars will now reload if using the car switcher only to change upgrades.
    • Fixed remembering of column sort state for matchmaker list.
    • Fix for number of pitstops being reported as zero in multiplayer.
    • Added admin command "/forwardseconds X" in order to fast forward time by X seconds, where X is from 0-65535.
    • Added admin commands "/pitbydriver" and "/pitbyteam".
    • Fixed rear view tonemapping
    • Adjust post-gamma
    • Fix for dirty sideviews in multiview
    • Fixed extra slashes at end of Shader dir in viewer
    • More HDR process optimizations
    • Improved spotlight priority sorting
    • Added multiview adjustments. Values in Config.ini, as well as parameter to disable new functionality (to retain use of older FOV options).
    • Fixed for FXAA not working since last release.
    • Additional SLI optimizations when using reflections.
    • Made the UI consistent with in-game with regards to the names of the Steering Help levels.
    • Added indication when upgrades are required on track to the upgrade tree list on the tuning page.
    • Changed password failure page to be more informative
    • Added a "remove forced upgrade" button to the tuning page to easily undo user created "force upgrade" actions.
    • Shrink button text to fit inside bounds
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  2. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    Really nice watchin' this sim mature. Starting to feel real solid..
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  3. Peter Stokman

    Peter Stokman

    Cant update get this info everytime
    Installing C++ runtimes

    Installing DirectX runtimes
    C++ and DirectX runtimes successfully installed
    Adding file from compressed source: C:\Program Files (x86)\rFactor2\Bin32\ModMgr.exe was NOT successful
    Update procedure has detected and error and stopped
  4. Sharjeel

    Being 2nd is to be the 1st of the ones who lose.

    I was an Assetto Corsa nut till rf2 happened to me a couple of weeks ago!
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  5. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    Try a clean install with the light installer porbably something got messed up in your install as auto update works really smooth since around build 200.
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  6. image.jpg ;)
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  7. Last edited: Jul 3, 2015
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  8. Niranjan

    Simracing is my antidepressant Premium

    the best sim in the world !! keeps getting better !! ...Long live rFactor 2 !!! :inlove:
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  9. Peter Stokman

    Peter Stokman

    Yes indeed i had no problems before

    update was missing in rf2 core Bin 32 so installed like you said rf2 light in G:/ and copied bin32 and pate it in C:/ and problem was solved
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2015
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  10. Same here! The simulation in rFactor 2 is just better. Cannot get enough of it!!
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  11. AVM


    Exact same with me too. AC is good but once tried RF2 just hooked on gameplay
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  12. Leynad777


    I tried all, but rFucktor 2 isn´t running at all now. Tried two clean installs but just get the message:
    (json) failed to perform operation, unsupported type:mad:
    Before i could at least get it to start after one force quit, but now nothing works. Sometimes i get into the menu, sometimes even the track is loading, but never finished to load. What a crappy piece of bug-soft and when it was working a few updates ago it was never near as good as AC.
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  13. William Wester

    William Wester

    Sorry to offend, but most of the problems users have with PC gaming can be attributed to their computer and configuration. Many tweak, install, uninstall, delete, inject, install, uninstall, test beta, test unknown, delete, tweak, clean, optimize... No two computers, hardware and software, are the same after being in the hands of a user for a period of time. Developers must go nuts trying to build software that runs reliably for the masses.

    I have zero problems with rFactor 2, for what it's worth, everyone's mileage will vary. And for the most part I have no problems with GSCE, R3E, Project CARS, Dirt Rally, AC and others. Blaming the software/developer seems to be the first direction many look.
  14. I think this "bug" is something you have created yourself. :whistling:
    The only way to get this error is to try to tweak the player.json... :cautious:
    Delete the player.json and any .json duplicate you have created in the UserData/player folder and launch rF2 again. You'll need to assign all your buttons again.

    BTW: The player.json doesn't get overwritten with a new clean install.

    If you want rF2 to be as user-friendly as AC. Don't screw around with files. :cool:
  15. Leynad777


    I uninstalled it manually instead with the uninstall.exe and know it´s working:)
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  16. No, you deleted the userdata files left over after the uninstaller finished uninstalling everything else. Which is what you were asked to do above (the player.json)

    This made all the changes you've made to the game to disappear and now it is running as intended by the devs :) Enjoy!
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  17. The uninstaller.exe, un-installs the rfactor2 core only. The thing you said to be crappy. :D
    But it will leave your userdata as it is for a next install. So you don't have to go over all your settings again.

    If you've trouble again or you want to tweak something, or some advice before tweaking. Just ask in the RD forum. :)
  18. Leynad777


    No, the uninstaller is asking you what to uninstall and i checked all boxes.
    And i didn´t really tweak things. I just put the folder to an external hdd and linked it with a symbolic link as i did with the most steam games as well. But i had troubles with startup crashes since day one always needing two attempts. This problem seems to be fixed now and i even start liking it :).
  19. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    Thats the problem. I did this and had problems for ages with all sorts or weird crash or failing to start. Fixed it by just setting up the folders for the game the way they were on the main drive on the ext drive and then installing it. Has also made it really easy to keep track of everything.