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Featured rFactor 2 launches on Steam with a hefty discount

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Alex Franchini, Nov 12, 2015.

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  1. maxresdefault.jpg ISI have finally published their flagship simulator, rFactor 2, on Valve's immensely popular gaming platform.

    RF2 is sold at a 29,99€ price tag for those in Europe, but you can snag it at a 40% discount at launch. That makes it 17,99€, which is essentially highway robbery for one of the most advanced simulators ever, but this edition doesn't seem to include online functionality.

    The pricing structure is somewhat confusing, as you will have to spend 10,99€ for a year of online subscription, whereas the non-steam version, while being more expensive, already includes that. Still, if you're into offline racing, this is one of the most complete packages around, with night racing, dynamic weather and the RealRoad feature. It's also received a constant stream of build updates and new content.

    You can find rFactor 2 at the following Steam page. If you are having trouble working out the steam workshop, the rF2 Steam Workshop Explained thread may be of great help.

    Do you already have RF2? Or is the launch discount tempting you to buy it? Let us know in the comments!
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  2. Steve Bird

    Steve Bird
    Racing Since 1978 Premium

    I've re-bought a lifetime subscription on Steam tonight and given my old subscription to my son so he can get it switched over to Steam. I really like the idea of the Steam Workshop having auto updating content but I'm not sure if modders etc can also add their mods etc so they all auto update. If thats what will happen then I'm all for it as long as it doesn't infest online racing with the bafoons that seem to infest PCARS and many other public servers.
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  3. :thumbsup:, yes it will.
    Don't forget about leagues: They can create a workshop too,member can subcribe to the workshop and everthing you need will update automatically.

    Click here! ;)
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  4. Bit confused... what's the difference between the '... w/ Lifetime Subscription' vs the one w/o? For the former, is that lifetime online subscription?
  5. From the steam page, a bit further down:
    Purchase Options
    There are basically three different options if you want to purchase rFactor 2: ​
    • You can buy "rFactor 2" and enjoy every aspect of this simulation except on-line racing.
    • You can buy "rFactor 2 with Lifetime Subscription" and enjoy every aspect of this simulation including a lifetime subscription to on-line racing.
    • You can buy 'rFactor 2" and a separate "rFactor 2 - Online Services Subscription" which gives you the full simulation plus a year worth of on-line racing which you can renew.
    Essentially, the lifetime subscription gives you access to online multiplayer for the service's lifetime, and the one without doesn't come with online multiplayer access and you'd have to buy a recurring yearly subscription (the "Buy rFactor 2 - Online Services Subscription")
    to play with other people, including league racing.
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  6. Duke55


    If I understand correctly...

    rFactor2: for $31.99USD will get you rF2 single-player only.

    rFactor2 with Lifetime Subscription: for $84.99USD will get you both single-player and multiplayer with no more to pay, ever.

    rFactor2 Online Service Subscription: at $11.99USD per annum is what you'll have to pay each year to renew the multiplayer element of the game, though this requires you to purchase the single-player build of the game first ($31.99).

    I'd imagine most hardcore simmers buy "rFactor2 with Lifetime Subscription" outright and be done with it. It's the route that I chose when rF2 was released and it serves me just fine. Each to their own though.
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  7. Imo still way too expensive ... even discounted the full version costs 50 bucks ... for a sim nearly without any licensed content inacceptable
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  8. Thanks @jc1993 and @Duke55! Can you give some overview of your experience w/ online features (say, vs AC and SCE)? Also, if one just gets the 1 year online subscription, would there a an option to purchase lifetime later on, when decided?
  9. Thought most were licensed content...else how would they include them? What would be reasonable if not $50?
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  10. MoerasGrizzly


    It seems a hard sell compared to GSCE, where you get a lot of tracks and cars and full online functionality for almost half the price of the discounted RF2 package.
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  11. More like 20, max 25 bucks
    But the full version costs 80 on steam, for that price i can buy Assetto Corsa / Project CARS & DLCs and Stock Car Extreme together and have way more content
  12. That is indeed true but you would be better served comparing apples to apples.
    ISI are making a simulator first and foremost.
    Their technologies power many commercial companies and services... The rFactor products are a showcase of amazing technologies which exist for two reasons:
    1. For modders to expand on the base content
    2. Act as a preview to other developers who may not have the skills/time/investment capabilities to produce what has already been created and vetted by the industry.

    Or you can just go and buy a few games... No biggie!
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  13. Duke55


    Your calculator's broken, mate. AC and PCars is at $160.41 alone. Don't forget though, you can get rF2 at the discouted rate of $50.99 USD (40% off) at the moment. :D

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  14. Steve Bird

    Steve Bird
    Racing Since 1978 Premium

    Thanks mate. I already get involved every now and then with the racing clubs. I also like the idea that leagues can tailor a workshop item so that they can include a download package so that people can download everything they need to compete.
  15. jimortality


    Does this mean the end of Vmod?
  16. I've played SCE for about 35 hours now and had a great time, but rF2 just looks so much better (I know, graphics don't really matter and blah blah blah), has dynamic weather and seems to have an overall better package (for me).
    I also don't think SCE should be priced so low, considering what a great game it is.
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  17. why not? ... but I understand people, who hate STEAM )) they haven't games (SIMs) on The STEAM And also are not aware full functionality.

    Personally I was one of them 10 years ago, when I was playing GTR Evolution :p
  18. fortyfivekev


    Nice to finally see a commercially sensible decision from ISI. Steam is a big marketplace, look at how many copies AC, PCars, etc. have sold. They should also stop charging for online and instead charge for DLC like everyone else does. If they got money for DLC they could pay for licensed content which I think is what most people want today. I love RF2 but sometimes it seems like ISI are not serious about making it a success. Hopefully this signals a change.
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  19. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium

    Bought the one year edition about two months ago with the 40% off, turned out to about 100 BRL (local currency)
    Now they release lifetime edition on steam for 90 BRL (about 23 U.S. Dollars)... GENIUS!

    Is there a way to buy the lifetime upgrade now? It seems to be gone in their website.
  20. Stenne


    Bought rF2 with Lifetime Subscripiton from Steam today at 48€ which I think is a bargain.
    Copied over necessary files from my old installation (UserData, Packages, Replays, plugins, etc.). Fired it up and it all worked out perfectly, including plugins like Motec, TrackMap and DeltaBest.

    The workshop is great and I hope that 3rd party modders will upload their stuff there.

    Automatic updates are great but I hope that Steam will not overwrite files that will affect how I've customised my installation. (This has been a problem for example for Trainsimulator as I know)

    I will keep my old installation for a great while, mostly for Racedepartment club races but also to have as a backup if something is messed up during automatic updates.