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rFactor 2: FIA Formula Two Released

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Tom, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Tom

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  2. good stuff!
  3. ISI builds another simmycade car.
    At least the turbo's are smoother than the FISI's naturally aspirated engine:cry:
  4. The only track available with the mod is Palm Beach. It seems an odd choice to me. The car drives nicely but the default setup is to rigid in the back and the brakes are way too sensitive.
    Fun car though.
  5. You lack the all cars and tracks mod....another bizarre rf2 "invention".
    change the bias to 55/45.
  6. I actually have the all cars and tracks mod, but some of the cars have some serious issues. I actually do not remember any longer what the issues were, one of them was the windshield in the Clio that is so opaque you can hardly see through it (not an issue in an open cockpit car, I'll grant you that), but there was another issue that was even more annoying, so I haven't been using it.

  7. I chose all cars and tracks and had a blast at Sebring :)

    Love the new addition :)
  8. Hmmm... I think that's a little harsh and incorrect tbh David, one this you could never call rF2 is simcade in any sense and I know that a great deal of time was spent to get as close a SIMULATION as possible :)

    As for the default setup.....Well, its a default setup! as in real racing, every driver has his/her own preferred style of setup and balance and ISI have never had amazing standard setups :) A few tweeks and that F2 car starts to come to you and provide some really great feedback/balance.

    Its gonna be a corker for leagues etc :D
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  9. rf2 is a sim designed for non G27's by and large.
    There's a handful of cars that drive ok, the rest suck.
    the F2's floaty FFB sux so hard there's no way I'm going to call it a sim.
    I want a refund this craps so bad.
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  10. Don't give up on rF2 so easily David, make sure you read a few posts on how you can fix things :)
  11. I already did that as well. This beta version didn't deserve my money yet. I will see how it is when it goes gold in 5 years from now, or however long it's still gonna take.
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  12. Fix one ruin the rest........?
  13. I just put together a video preview of the car with commentary going over the key points.

  14. Matt Horst

    Matt Horst

    Just make a vmod with the tracks you want to include.
  15. What wheel do you use. Fanatec? I have the Fanatec CSR wheel and the input lag sucks balls when you wanna run Vsync. Do you run your games in Vsync at 60fps or Vsync off? Logitech works amazing in both modes.

    Fanatec is horrible for drivers that wanna ultra smooth experience at 60fps. Get Nvidia inspector and make a profile which is already available for rF2, and go down to frame rate selector and choose 58 with Vsync enabled. Gets rid of 85% of the lag. Much better control.. Personally I like my G25 wheel way more then Fanatec wheels, for feel and accuracy in ANY PC sim.
  16. Great car and fantastic AI! You can actually race them now. Soo much fun!! :thumbsup:
  17. G27 no vsync.

    In EVO, GSC, and Netkar, steering precision and FFB is excellent, however, Reiza had the brains to build a dedicated G27 profile from day 1, so the game was great the first time I drove it, and seems even better with the 2012 update, of course, if i end up buying a more powerful wheel, I can use the max strength of the signal.

    It's only rf2 that's a problem, and you've got a number of the faster guys over at ISI expressing their dismay at the whole process.
  18. Well David, I guess it's a matter of preference on what you consider good feel. Those 3 sims you mentioned I agree all feel dam good as well, but for me rF2 just feels absolutely amazing.

    It's personal preference. Everyone sets up their wheels differently and I just am addicted to rF2 as well as GSC2012 right now big time. No two sims can be compared feel wise as comparable really.

    What I've noticed with this car is a weird sense of understeer. Tuned up the car somewhat and the weight on the front wheels just doesn't feel right. But from what Tim Wheatly said, it's really how the F2 steers. Plus there is some unfinished tuning features not yet added.

    Last thing I noticed is how the car on Palm Springs takes to take a bit FPS hit like none of the other cars on that track. I mean I run everything maxed having 2 Nvidia GTX680's which beast anything thrown at it. When I see my fps drop from 60fps down to 45, you know some serious bugs or optimization for the car is needed to be fixed. Running 13 cars total. Not totally satisfied with it right now, but i'm sure ISI will attend to those issues..
  19. !!PLEASE HELP!! got some sound bug only with this mod :( tested re-download/isntal nothing helps :( :( :( :(