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rFactor 2 demo, turning

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by racelover, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. I downloaded the demo yesterday, y'now, to try it out before buying.

    I have a dfgt wheel and I've spent most of my time in Profiler and in-game trying to change so that I don't have to spin the wheel like a madman in every turn. Just to get out of the pits I have to turn the wheel 360° ffs!
    Whatever I do, nothing changes.

    What the deuce am I missing here?

    It cant be like this in the full game, right?
  2. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    I have the wheel can give you some settings later.
  3. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    In the controller settings you will see an adjustment for wheel rotation. Making it a lower number will reduce the amount you have to turn it. You may have to uncheck "vehicle set".
    You can also increase the steering lock in the garage (set up) menu.

    Steering wheel range divided by lock equals the steering ratio. EG 480/15 = 32
    You are free to adjust the numerator or the denominator to get your required lock.
  4. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    My Logitech profile is set to 900 degrees , don't change in game.
    My personnel FFB settings, FFB Mult = 1.00 / Smoothing = 15 / Torque = 5.0
    All sensitivity on controls = 50%
  5. Edit: sorry paul was meant for OP, but yeah take smoothing off buddy and get some ear plugs IMO.

    Smoothing to zero, you will get rattling, but most detail, Min steering torque at 8 per cent for DFGT, dont worry about the side to side motion of wheel when not touching and stood still, wont effect you once hands on and driving.

    As mentioned you can in rf2 in game options (when sat in car in pits,not setup) you can choose default steering to car or set yourself and do this on car per car basis, you can also in most cars set wheel angles (car tyres\wheels,not steering wheel) which has similar effect to lowering wheel rotation, and I assume your logi profile set up right, all logi forces set to zero?

    But saying all this, I felt same issues when started out on all sims, felt rotation was too much to turn, and messed with all kinds of settings, but didn't take long where I cant stand anything except default(this the most realistic option too), as general rule of thumb, tin tops are 540-420 with 18 to 22 wheel lock, with open wheelers 420-220 with 13-18 wheel lock.

    Also if using teh pedals off DFGT, use a bit of sponge down back of brake pedal like so

    and be sure if available in car setup to play with brake pressure, this makes big difference in driving when using cheaper pedal sets.
  6. You really should use the "Wheel Check" app to find where your FFB Minimum Torque lies since identical wheels can be quite different due to wheel usage/wear, etc.
  7. Oh nice, where can I find this wheel check app?
  8. Quick search took me to iRacing thread.
  9. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

  10. David O'Reilly/ Yeah, I tried out those settings you wrote but I felt that it didn't made any difference at all actually. Low, medium or high, I had to turn the wheel just as much.

    Nice, thank you guys for some things to try with! I appreciate it a lot!
  11. Last edited: Jan 13, 2016
  12. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    OK if the wheel is using a mega amount of turning and changes in the garage or controller are having no effect it might be a problem I had once of Windows not recognising your wheel software.
    Ues the diagnostics with it to see if it is working correctly.

    If it is try changing your wheel to say 480 deg vs 900.

    30 is a fairly slow ratio in an open wheeler and 20 a fast one.
    If changing your steering ratio to say 20 (with eg 400 degrees rotation (in game controller menu) and steering lock of 20 (in game garage menu) then I am lost to explain it.
  13. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    I'm not getting this "turn the wheel as much" :confused:
  14. I have to turn my wheel just as much, whether steering rate is at 20% or changed to medium, 50% or high, 80%
  15. I did try to change my wheel to 480 (and then lowering it) in the profiler and there where big improvements!
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  16. Normally you set "allow game to adjust settings" in the profiler.
    And ingame in the controller settings ==> "vehicle set" enabled.

    These are the default settings.

    So your wheel uses the steering range that the real car has.

    Like @David O'Reilly explained, you can still adjust your steering lock in the car setup.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2016
  17. Now when I adjust that steering lock all thats happening is that the wheel locks earlier and earlier, etc from 180 deg. at default (540) adjusting that down to, say, 400 is just locking my steering wheel at 140 deg. instead, so that I cant turn the wheel as much as necessary.

    Okey, will try with that box ticked then.
  18. Thanks guys for the help. I feel now that taking a corner is much easier than before thanks to you. I won't be needing any more help on this matter
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