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rFactor 2 Change AI Names

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Jannik Lietz, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Hey guys !
    I got rFactor 2 for now and the RSH F1 2014 Mod. I dont want to change the skins etc but for beginning...how can I change their Names ? So Sebastian Vettel is driving a Ferrari [​IMG]
    Hope you know what I want to say
    Thx for Help !

  2. Gijs van Elderen

    Gijs van Elderen
    Premium Member

    You can make virtual rides and give new names and team names.

    - Select a car and click on "tuning"

    - click "create dir" By default if you click "create dir" the default car skin is copied to the new dir. The skin name is "alt"

    Click reload !

    Now you can select the "alt" skin.

    Once you have selected the alt skin.
    - click on "create" ... New car/driver from current

    Watch the last video: click here

    Once your done: click back.

    Edit AI talent: Select the new virtual ride in the car list. AI edit is highlighted.
    You can make Maldonado an aggressive AI and Grosjean crash happy AI.

    If you are still not happy with the
    variety of AI talent and speed.

    You can give each AI different setups.


    If you want only your drivers on track. Select "0" AI drivers for a race weekend and add AI (your virtual rides) in practice 1by1.

    Have fun !!! :cool:


    Your new virtual rides will be in your userdata/player/settings/RSH_car_somthing??? folder.

    Once you are done and happy with your AI:
    Zip or archive that folder and upload it to our resource manager. :geek:Click here
    Click on upload file. Put it in category rF2 Misc.
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  3. Hey Gijs thx for the Tutorial ;)
    my problem is...i can create the new virtual ride, also the new car is listed in userdata/player/settings/F1RSH2014/ but they are not shown in the rFactor list :(
    Help pls
  4. Guide to changing AI names

    I've seen the question “how can I change the drivers names” asked many times now and like most things, there are multiple ways to achieve the desired result.

    My method allows you to make the change permanently whilst not interfering with the original component, so if you also drive this car online, there will be no mismatches. All of the things you will need are provided in the rFactor 2 directories and what we are doing is modifying the team configuration file and then packaging the change in an update, so let’s get started:

    The first thing we need are the files that need to be modified, you can find these in your data\installed\vehicles directory. We never modify the files in the installed directory so copy the whole F1RSH2014 folder and paste it in an easy to find location.

    The files we need to work with are the _Main.mas files.

    .MAS files are very much like a .ZIP file, but we use the gMotor2 MAS File Utility (MAS2.exe) which is located in your Data\Support\Tools folder to open these files. Open the MAS2.exe, then open the CAT_MAIN.MAS file with it. We now need to extract the files we need from this archive so they can be modified.

    These files contain information about the car, including team information but also what files are used by it like the livery, the physics, the individual driver stats… the list goes on.

    Right Click on CAT01.VEH and choose ‘extract’ then do the same for CAT02.VEH.

    Open the CAT01 file in a text editor ‘notepad’ and change the driver name as desired.

    The Classes="F1RSH2014" is the opponent filter in Session Settings, so change this to F1RSH2015 and by default you will be racing against the 2015 cars only.

    Category="F1RSH 2014" is the heading on the select vehicle page and the class displayed on the drivers list in a session. Update this one also to F1RSH 2015

    Description="F1RSH2014 11-CAT 10" is the vehicle label on the select vehicle page so you can change this to whatever you’d like, I’m going to change it to ‘Driver Name – Team Name’ so it’s easy for me to identify.

    After updating all the VEH files, we simply need to package them and to do that we will load MAS2.exe again. If it was still opened, click ‘File – New’.

    Click on the ‘Add files to MAS archive’ button and select all the VEH files, then click on the ‘Create MAS file’ icon. The name of the files should match the name of the MAS file it came from, CAT_MAIN.MAS in our example.

    Once all of the files have been added to their MAS files, click on ‘Create the package file’ and ‘Create Single Cmp Package’.

    In the ‘Select Component’ drop down menu, choose <add new component>. The name of this component needs to match the original component name and you can find this in Mod Manager.

    In our example it is F1RSH2014 and the version is 1.4

    Click the file cabinet next to the ‘file’ drop down menu and browse to where you want to save the file and type ‘F1RSH2015.rfcmp’ as the file name and ‘open’… It should say ‘save’ not ‘open’ so don’t be confused.

    Our version will be 1.5, the type is vehicle and tick ‘update from’ 1.4 and then finally click the file cabinet in the ‘MAS Files’ section below and add the MAS files we created.

    If we’ve done everything correctly, when clicking the ‘package’ button, we will see progress then “Component packaging complete with no errors”

    Copy the file we just packaged ‘F1RSH2015.rfcmp’ to our packages directory and load ‘Mod Manager’

    You will notice under the vehicles filter that the F1RSH2014 entry is now bold. Right click and update.

    Now when loading rFactor 2 you will see separate categories for these vehicles and they will be totally separate from the original install.

    Hope this helps and have fun with it. This is the true beauty of rF2 for me, you can customise whatever it is you wish, it’s just about learning how.
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  5. Thanks Mat this is awesome !:)

    Worked for me so finally i can drive F1 "2015" :D

    Great Thanks to you
  6. Gijs van Elderen

    Gijs van Elderen
    Premium Member

    You'll need to uninstall the update package to join a server that uses the original package.
    It will give you mismatches if you join a server that uses the original package. Atleast that's my experience.

    It's not a big deal because you can install/uninstall the update package as much as you like. :) So if you encounter a mismatch or you can't select a car. Uninstall the update package and try again. :cool:
  7. Yes Gijs, it seems you are correct. My test allowed download and installation of the vmod and the track loads until around 70% then CTD. I could swear I had it working this way before.

    Regardless, uninstalling as you say is trivial but I'd repackage as a new complete mod if it was something I intend to use regularly. I like the update method as it's so small but a new mod means no more touching!