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rFactor 2 Build 118

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Ika Tsitsilashvili, Oct 20, 2012.

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  1. all info there :p
  2. UPDATE 8 (Build 118) Changelog (October 19, 2012):

    Fixed a bug with inconsistent shadow detail between channels in multiview
    Added 3 levels of shadow filtering speed vs quality
    Enhanced autodetail framerate processing to better maintain minimum FPS
    Added auto detection of multiGPU setups to improve some processing and support more than 2 GPU
    Fixed a quadgrid culling bug
    Fixed bug with pendulum texture animations
    Bloom is now working properly with multiview
    Different texture detail levels between player and opponents now (almost) works
    FPS counter now shows yellow when frame rate is being regulated
    Attempt to fix 'left-behind-shadows' problem
    Separated auto detail processing from visible vehicles processing
    Limit auto-detail FPS option to the current refresh rate
    Selecting multiview now works; changed widescreen HUD to only stick if Apply button is pressed, just to be consistent with the rest of the settings on that page.
    Sync shadow groups between views in multiview
    Added code to visible vehicles calculation to maintain minimum framerate.
    Improved multiGPU awareness of HDR processing

    Corrected code to always use track GDB SettingsFolder override
    Setting session starting times default to 9am
    Changed default steering help from low to off because it confused a lot of people
    Re-enabled transparent trainer and added some options for it.

    Added code to allow RealRoad to be pre-conditioned in a number of ways
    Moved some real road computations into road shader
    Fixed typo that prevented the middle turbo dump sample from playing
    Improved turbo dump
    Added minor effect of turbo spool friction
    Fixed a small problem with auto reverse

    Attempts to get the fuel-less AI to slowly pull off the road.

    UI / HUD:
    Fixed bug on skin spinner where sometimes the skin listed wouldn't match the skin displayed in showroom
    Fixed statbar car position map to correctly scale with screen/hud resolution.
    Now checking livery availability on vehicle change to make sure it's valid....clearing out the playerfile value if it is not found.
    Eliminated more conditions where the player vehicle gets incorrectly set to Pace car.
    More UI stuff for RealRoad loading/saving
    Minor fix to info display on Video Res page
    Scaled text on mouseless spinners to correct value based on screen res and res of options.
    Added ability to add boost gauges to cockpit and HUD.

    Fixed crash in multiplayer
    Fixed some memory/resource leaks
    Fixed crash when changing tire compounds in pitstop
    Small optimization with regards to buffering data between simulation & multimedia threads

    Added dedi server RealRoad options
    Fix occasional flash of opponent vehicles in wrong spot during heavy multiplayer races
    Fixed a glitch that caused it to confirm you closing the dedicated server when clicking the window manager close button at the final window

    Enabled and expanded Fanatec support. We can now set the steering wheel angle to match the vehicle, as long as the wheel isn't using a preset. Note that these wheels must be connected and turned on before rF2 is started in order for specific features to be supported.
    Removed double initialization of controllers. It's still a mystery why force feedback is occasionally lost, and the lack of error codes returned by drivers doesn't help much (this applies to all manufacturers ... please return error codes if the force feedback isn't working).
    "Reset FFB" control now also resets steering wheel range, which also gets changed occasionally for no apparent reason.
    Now automatically holding clutch and brakes on grid for people using a combined axis for throttle & brakes (this feature was already available for people using auto-shifting). This Feature activates *if* Auto Clutch is enabled as well as "Hold Clutch On Start" and "Hold Brake" in the controller.ini file.

    Completed custom plugin control (this invalidates old Version05 plugins)
    A little bit more robustness with respect to saving and restoring custom plugin control mappings

    Fixed issue where transparent trainer would flicker in replay; note that this changes the replay format

    Fixed bug with render target selection for all 3DS Max plugin versions
    Added a new default method for generating normal map tangent basis. original method (meshmender) is still available as an option.
    Added _v25 to the names of all plugin dlls
    First release of scene viewer, located in ModMgr directory
    Fixed some problem with component Install/Uninstall in mas2 packaging tool
    Updated modmaker doc to sync with latest tools
    Added CG visualizer to Ctrl-U dev tool
    Added support for RealRoad file reading in viewer
  3. thanks stefan for more info
  4. NP M8! :)
  5. Good to see the "Fixed crash when changing tire compounds in pitstop"fixed :)
  6. Yep, I seem to have gained fps when everything is maxed out on my triple screen setup. Never below the 40 fps :)
    Finally we are able to change compound without worrying to crash the game. :)
  7. Hi
    I keep getting 'Error opening file for writing'
  8. Think ive sorted it :)
  9. <moderator snip: derailing attempt #10481039144201>
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  10. ?????
  11. Not allowed to voice a complaint against rf2 for some reason.
  12. Guys do you have whispers bug? i make a small race, day to night sunny to wet to test new build and my whispers go out of the window :/
  13. No Hugo, haven't tested that ... yet. Will check that out tomorrow.
    Which car did you test?
  14. clio and 370. Thnks Stefan.
  15. my update through the game is just sitting there or really, really slow. Anyone else have that problem?
  16. I have updated the game with the start screen thing but now the game doesn't work anymore. nice!!
  17. [​IMG] guys i have thes problem after update 118 build before wass ok after update get thes problems eny solutions??
  18. Run some laps until the road surface starts to rubber in. Then select the "save real road" option from the garage menu interface. The next time you want to use the track make sure to pick the saved real road from the track selection screen. Seem to fix it for me.
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