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Featured rFactor 2 Build 1052 released

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Paul Jeffrey, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    rFactor2 Stock Cars.png
    Image Space Incorporated have today made available to download a new version of their popular racing simulator rFactor 2. Bringing the sim up to build 1052, the latest changes include many updates and fixes as can be seen below.

    Available to download now via the Steam platform or alternatively non Steam users can download the 331mb lite installer directly from the ISI website.

    Personally I have recently been racing with the slightly older (unreleased) baby brother unstable build to this release and can say some of the weather improvements have significantly enhanced the immersion aspect of this sim, with slower buildup and drop off grip bringing another element of strategy consideration into the experience.

    Build 1052 also addresses the long standing matchmaker compatibility issue between Steam and non Steam editions, players should now be able to find more people available in the online lobbies for when you just get the need to do a couple of quick random online races...

    You could of course come join the fun in our RaceDepartment rFactor 2 Racing Club if you really want to get your kicks racing with other players in a well organised online environment... :)

    While we are on the subject of loosely related plugs... keep your eyes peeled on RaceDepartment in the coming weeks as we sit down with the guys at ISI for another exclusive interview with the main players in the sim racing world... watch this space!

    Build 1052 Changelog

    • Water temperature now starts at the same value as oil temperature.
    • Added a few more details to lap records in CCH file.
    • Added the ability to use alternate controls for throttle, brake, and steering (they are at the bottom of the list of driving controls in the UI). Note that the alternate controls do NOT support ramping which is normally useful for driving with keyboards or buttons, so it preferable to select only analog devices for the alternate controls.
    • Added ability to cancel damage repair during a pitstop.
    • Added the ability to paste clipboard text into text boxes.
    • Added ability to open hyperlinks with a click that show up in the multiplayer chatbox.
    • Doubled useable dictionary length to 512 to prevent cutting off of some Italian tuning descriptions.
    • Qualifying on by default for new playerfiles.
    • Replaced ‘_’ characters with spaces in opponent filter list display.
    • Race Event rfm icon can now be a TGA, JPG, or PNG as well as the still supported DDS
    • Safety car with lights (thanks to traveller)

    • Fixed problem where a broken engine would become fixed and indestructible after rejoining.
    • Backup plan for the problem where pit arrow sometimes isn’t available after driver swaps: borrow the grid arrow instead.
    • Fixed (removed) extra useless multihead onboard cameras.
    • Only allow admins to issue /pitby* commands.
    • Fixed wrong gdb data getting loaded for tracks that have multiple versions installed.
    • Now ignoring duplicate veh files when building vehicle manager list. Only latest version of vehicle will be included.
    • Tightened up text input boxes to prevent drawing outside of box.
    • Fixed virtual vehicle loading with random car if base vehicle not found.

    • Mod mode show pitlanes & special waypoints now work correctly with multiple pit lanes.
    • Enabled Ctrl-D physics tool in public Mod Mode build.
    • Command line option added for Mod Manager: -b[DatFile] [index …] = build mod/cmp at specified indices from DatFile. Use -help if needed.
    The latest version of rFactor 2 is available to download now directly from the ISI site or via the Steam platform. Alongside this new build the US based development team have released a new improved version of the popular Renault Megane Trophy car... read more about it right here on RaceDepartment.

    Enjoying rFactor 2 recently? What are you looking forward to most in the new build? Lets hear your comments below!
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2016
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  2. Stig Bidstrup

    Stig Bidstrup
    Blip ! The Throttle Premium

    The immersion and the feel you have with the cars in this game is superb :thumbsup:..
    Using some of the classic content in the RD rfactor 2 racing club-now and then could be nice, instead of GT3 and GT- whatever - all the time:rolleyes:
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  3. This may be the first rF2 build I don't bother installing. For whatever reason I just can't get the graphics sorted compared to rF1 where a bit of AA is all that is needed to make it easy on the eyes. rF2 literally hurts my eyes by comparison and also has severe aliasing problems even using same Nvidia settings that achieve excellent results in rF1 :confused:

    Funny thing is the Nvidia settings I am using for rF1 are from a thread in rF2 forums :O_o:

    Edit - I should also mention that 60s formula cars are still so out of date ISI recommends against using them :roflmao:. So TBH not even sure why I'd bother even if graphics issues were sorted. There comes a time when the general brand of a dev or modder becomes tarnished to the point that you don't want to bothet with their products because you never know whether they will fix issues so why even invest in learning cars, setups, leagues, modding etc. only for things to change, break and be ignored literally for years...several years

    Edit #2 - Is there even a list of coming functionality anywhere? Forget timing. I mean a list of what is in scope for rF2 like final tire model, transmission model, dirt physics, etc.?
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2016
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  4. Jeff Huber

    Jeff Huber

    I don't even know what to say here. RF2 hurts your eyes? It has AA issues? You prefer a sim of 2016 to look like RF1 because it hurts your eyes and your computer can't get descent frame rates? And where the heck does ISI recommend that we don't even try running the 60's formula cars?

    You trolling here , or just drunk and can't figure out how to use a computer from 2003?

    Maybe you should write ISI a letter and inform them that they should start evolving this sim around your own specific needs.

    One thing I can't stand , is when one guy comes in and starts complaining that his old computer can't run the newer sims. Thinks it's ok to slam on a sim / game / whatever....because he's to cheap to upgrade his computer? Whoa , whoa , whoa!!.....stop the train here...MR anon's computer has the power of a calculator , so lets all stop what we're doing and put the rest of the world on pause until he decides to upgrade!

    Sorry man , but your post just rubbed me the wrong way. Freakin troll!
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  5. i7 GTX 760
    Tim Wheatley told Empty Box not to use Spark F1 when Empty Box was experiencing issues at Spa with it.

    Feel better now?
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  6. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Can't wait to test it out.
    Have to finish my OSW wheel build first.
    I am running a 6 core AMD system and a mid range ATI graphics card and the graphics just keep getting better and the frame rate faster.
    Ensure you have read all recent read me files and guidance on graphics settings. Things that were advisable a few builds ago are not advisable now. EG AA settings and such done in GPU settings vs in game settings.

    IMO the rate of progress in the core sim and content has been great in recent times. RF2 just keeps getting better.
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  7. I nevery saw steam automatically update to this, I might have missed it. How do I check if it's updated to this version?
  8. MarcG


    Hurts your eyes? Don't play it then....simple!
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  9. Not sure what is worse between trolls and fanboys.

    On a side note, this game is even uglier than the first rFactor, which is quite a feat.
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  10. How exactly does rFactor2 differ from Assetto Corsa?
  11. The AI in rFactor is just about the best around ... so for offline racing rFactor2 is No.1 ... I also like the FFB in rFactor slightly more than AC ... both very good titles ... Assetto looks better
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  12. Got this update late evening yesterday, just before downloading Batman: Arkham Knight [now there's a game with fan issues]...

    Hopeful that I'll get some spare time today to try out the latest build :)
  13. Stig Bidstrup

    Stig Bidstrup
    Blip ! The Throttle Premium

    Assetto is the stunningly good looking girl you take out for dinner party's so everybody can see her,but she doesn't really tick you..
    rF2 she doesn't look near as good as assetto,but she knows how to tick you, and she knows her way around in a bedroom, So after the dinner party you always end up in bed with her..:whistling:;)
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  14. AC looks* better and managed to get a good part of the modding community to move there (which is a sad thing to me). On everything else that matters for simulation rF2 is superior (even rF1 is not that much behind AC let's be honest...), especially if you want to do some endurance.

    *if your PC can handle rF2 on a nice res and everything on max it won't look that bad compared to AC IMO
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  15. Denis Betty

    Denis Betty
    Old cars rule! Staff Premium

    Hi Kevin

    Nice to see some of the fellas here being so helpful. Please, instead of jumping down peoples throat, I think it would be more positive if gentlemen in the know, took the time to read people's posts with an open mind. It's nice to be nice and costs nothing. I don't mean to upset anyone and I don't wanna start an argument. It just saddens me when people are so quick to be negative on these forums.

    As it happens, when I first installed rF2 I had exactly the same issues as Kevin. I'm 51 and not great with computers, so I turned to RD threads for help. I'm pretty sure I was sold the exact same dummy as Kevin. I can't find the thread I used but it sounds like the same one. It recommended using the same graphics settings as those for rF1. This has, for me, turned out to be JUST PLAIN WRONG! The thread should, IMO, be updated/removed. Could you post a link here please Kevin.

    The thread that I did find helpful was THIS one. You, at least, have an Nvidia card. I was stupid enough to be cajoled into buying an ATI card which doesn't seem to work well with rF2 (mentioned in thread I believe). And yes, the flickering etc. (along with the fact that the RD club doesn't seem to race historic content) means I don't really drive rF2 very much. I would buy an Nvidia card, but ATM (although the FFB/physics feel great) it's not a priority - for me. @David O'Reilly if you could point me in the direction of the read me files you mention, that sounds promising. Maybe it's time some wonderful techie person???? made a new graphics optimization guide. Someone like that could put the guide in the hints & tips section and sticky it to the top of the forum where everyone could find it easily. :)
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  16. I was trying to be an AC fan boy for a year or something, because of netKar Pro which was amazing, in some cases even better than rFactor 2 in FFB/physics. But since I bought rFactor 2 and gave it some time, I can't get myself to appreciate AC any more. It just doesnt have that level of physics and FFB as rFactor 2 has. And to add, I always though rFactor 1 felt like crap compared to netKar, way back in the days before RF2 and AC.

    So basically I agree wholeheartadly with your analogy.

    rFactor really do need some quality tracks added though. There are a good variety of downloadable content, but quality is too varying.
    In many cases it's as easy as texture quality being extremely poor, low res or just terrible opimized and balanced. This together with some car textures being extremely high quality which for me only makes the game look worse because you more clearly see how bad the track looks in comparison.

    I would guess that it's a much higher likeyness rFactor gets a handle on their graphics than AC getting a handle on the physics and FFB, which they imo sold out to quantity and becoming something else than netKar was known for.
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  17. Yapci


    Till November-December I only played AC. Since it came to steam I bought rFactor2. I have now AC uninstalled. Rfactor AI is supreme. I got all maxed out so it looks pretty good to me, although rain effects can be vastly improved (glad to see grip transitions has been changed).

    So it looks good. It's just a matter of your of your pic handleing it (but yes, AC looks betters, and pCar do to)
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  18. Stig Bidstrup

    Stig Bidstrup
    Blip ! The Throttle Premium

    @Denis Betty Since you use a ATI card its a bit difficult for me to help you with the settings,
    ( have no experience with that card ) but her is my settings in pictures ( you could also try Force 32 bit button in the launcher) No HistorX - I will put up a server soon so we can have some fun ;)

    rF2 video settings.jpg
    rF2 video 2.jpg
    rF2 video 3.jpg
  19. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    I had to wait at least 2 years before I could get my hands on rF2, an I knew what I was getting.
    The interweb is just one big review site now, I read rF2 does FFB an Physics not the graphics. You'll see that in just about every review that's out there, so why are people so shocked when they fire it up. Yes it needs a bit tweaking once done it works an does the job can't really complain.
  20. If rF2 had F1 2015 graphics engine would be perfect to me on the visual aspect (only would need more rain spray at higher speeds in this case)