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rFactor 2 - build 1036

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Marcel Offermans, Dec 9, 2015.

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    ISI just released build 1036. It includes a number of fixes and tweaks as we continue to further refine the product. It is available for both Steam and non-Steam users. The build addresses a few features that prevented some endurance leagues from updating until now.

    • Made the pit menu wing adjustments use the same display value as the garage.
    • Fixed idiot light when vehicle rev limit is smaller while in neutral.
    • Attempted fix for laps sometimes being lost on a race rejoin.
    • Fixed a crash when starting dedicated server if borderless mode was previously selected
    • Fixed a problem where the wrong port was used to tell Steam friends about the server you are on.
    • Removed the condition that only non-demos can change the opponent list.
    • Fix for “join as spectator” problem.
    • PLR value “MULTI Safety Car Collidable” (used for multiplayer) now works; previously only “GPRIX Safety Car Collidable” (used for single player) was fixed.
    • Fixed occasional ‘missing gears’ problem.
    • Increased size of some mas2 dialogs
    • Added a confirmation before deleting all waypoints in mod mode.
    • Added delete next/prev to selected waypoint menu.
    • Changed “delete branch” to only require single waypoint selected.
    • Slightly raised the line showing where the AI is aim to make it more likely to be above the track surface.
    See: http://rfactor.net/web/2015/12/09/rfactor-2-build-1036-now-available/
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  2. Previously released Steam versions will now be available through the Steam Beta tab (right click rFactor2 from your game list then select properties. From there open the Beta tab and select either the current version or a previous build.)
    Made the pit menu wing adjustments use the same display value as the garage.

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  3. What an ingenuous way to use the system. Looks like ISI have really taken to this Steam thing. Making good use of the workshop as well, I've heard.
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  4. We'll be honest, we did not come up with this system, but when researching our options, we saw a few other games on Steam use the beta system this way. And quickly decided it would be a good thing for ISI as well.
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  5. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    And I guess all the guys suggesting it in the ISI forums also helped :D
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