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Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Gijs van Elderen, Aug 27, 2015.


    ISI is very pleased to release rFactor 2 Build 998! The build brings users updated Lite/SDK installers that include a number of fixes and updates for our product. For those who do not yet own rFactor 2, 998 brings a demo with Karts, Formula Renault 3.5 and the AC 427 to run around Atlanta Motorsports Park (replacing the Corvette C6.R, Formula Renault 3.5 and Silverstone Circuit in the old demo).
    This build is named for Max Angelo (Massimo Angiolucci), who was a well-known member of our internal testing team and staff.

    Gjon Camaj – Co-founder Image Space Incorporated:

    “It is with a very sad heart that we must say good bye to Massimo Angiolucci (Max Angelo), a dear friend and true fan of the sport.

    I have known Max for over 10 years. He was always a dedicated and devoted tester. He was consistent and diligent, working hard and pouring his talents into the sport he loved. He continuously contributed his time and energy, it’s hard to now believe he will no longer be joining us for a race, or emailing me his observations on some aspect or another.

    He lent a hand during testing, created translation files, was an ambassador to the Italian community and worked with us on a few commercial projects.

    Max was always easy to talk to. I never worried he would hold anything back and I was always free to tell him what I thought. With me, he was subtle with his disagreements but did not shy away from his convictions.

    He was a friend, a colleague and a valued member of our team and the community as a whole. He will be greatly missed. God bless you my friend.”

    DEMO VERSION installer – Download – 1.1 GB
    Lite installer – Download – 316 MB
    SDK/Dev Mode installer – Download in Dev Corner – 360 MB

    The demo version can be used to pre-install the content within it, as it will use an existing activation if you have one. The demo is content-locked to a demo series until purchase/activated.

    The lite installer contains no cars or tracks, and allows you to select what you want to install. Lite can also be used to update a recent build by installing over the top. If you are not using a recent build (last 2) it is often easier to uninstall rF2 via the Windows control panel, then install Lite.

    Demo Media:
    Video lap of Kart track
    Lap of Roadcourse
    Atlanta Motorsports Park profile
    AC 427 profile
    Formula Renault 3.5 profile
    Kart profile

    Subsequent builds (not this one) will include the newly announced gJED in the support/tools folder. Keep an eye on the rFactor 2 Dev Corner in the meantime, as we will most definitely make it available before our next build.

    gJED is the new mesh and materials property editor for gMotor2-based applications. gJED allows for real-time editing of gMotor2 content created in any content editor which can export the FBX file format. Content creators are no longer tied to a single platform (3DS Max). gJED is a real-time DirectX application built using the same engine and shaders as rFactor2, and therefore has most of the same graphical options as rFactor2. Much of the operation of gJED is similar to that of the latest gMotor2 plugins for 3DS Max.

    What can you use gJED for?
    – import/merge FBX files containing mesh, material and animation information
    – load/merge GMT files directly, or SCN/GEN files and their associated GMT files
    – edit mesh and material properties in real time
    – export scene as GMT, SCN, GEN, and ANM files

    Read more about gJED in the rF2 Wiki.


    Update 33 (Build 998) Changelog:

    – Added an option to the KnockoutQualifying plugin to have a fixed number of vehicles being scored in Q2/Q3/Q4, rather than have a variable number which was computed proportionally based on the number of vehicles in Q1.
    – Added the admin command /pitbyvehicle. This is similar to /pitbydriver and /pitbyteam, but finds matches to the Description in the VEH file.
    – Online map put player’s icon and the icon for the car to be followed under caution in front of the others so they are easier to keep track of.
    – Juggled some suspension geometry initialization so that caster changes affect the outboard pushrod location.
    – Added results file tag which lists the layout MAS file.
    – Letting “virtual” cars override “Classes” & “Category” from the base vehicle file. (in a text editor, by hand.)
    – Made the key for triple-head configuration and the TGM display into a single configurable control.
    – Added onboard right track bar adjustment, which requires the HDV [SUSPENSION] setting OnboardRightTrackBarAdjustment=1.
    – Expanded multiview adjustments to allow separate side channel settings
    – Added multiview adjustment tool, toggle with ctrl-equal
    – Default pace car is Corvette
    – Made fuel adjustment in legacy HDV variable BoostEffects work on new engine model (note that using the new turbo technology already results in more fuel being consumed naturally).

    – Corrected albedo levels on several particle textures.
    – Fix for not checking mod versions when changing mods
    – Fixed an issue where a rear axle adjustment was essentially being done twice in initialization.
    – Fix for server not writing correct results when everybody leaves session.
    – An attempt to avoid the opponent car jitters that start happening after a few hours and get worse in long multiplayer sessions. This still needs to be tested (using the admin command /forwardseconds should help).
    – Fix for locale errors in config.ini
    – Corrected static ARB forces (already accounted for non-symmetric ride heights, but now accounts for non-symmetric springs and weights as well)
    – Fixed underbody scraping sound.
    – Small fix to prevent the upgrade tree list from updating the current track when not in realtime.
    – Fixed place readout and camera cycling by place in normal (i.e. non-instant) replay mode.
    – The wheels on other clients’ vehicles should usually rotate at approximately the correct speed now.
    – Attempted fix for race rejoin where client still thinks vehicle is under AI control.

    – Added “none” to AIW editor text display options. Fixed step distance/speed not getting saved for track overrides in AIW editor.
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  2. NEW Demo:

  3. Quite a beautiful tribute to a man ISI clearly loved and respected.
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  4. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I have to backdate my install to 982 for my league committments.
    I tried a simple lite install over the 998 (core only).
    When I try to install a mod I get the error message
    "error writing manifest to (name of mod)"
    Did i get the back date wrong?
    Any thoughts?
  5. If you want i can show you my solution for multi installs (using the same content for all installs). Just drop a pm with the info when you have time then we i can explain it in ts. Here as texts its a bit to complicated.

    I am running B998, B982 and B946 at the same time.
  6. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Thanks Simon,
    For now I managed by copying key user data (controller, settings, bin 64 for plugins) and doing a complete install then dropping these back in.
  7. I am doing similar stuff. Only via script with one click :)
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